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AETCOM MODULE 1 2 What doest it mean to be a patient Latin verb patior meaning to suffer both in the sense of feeling pain and in the sense of forbearance patient as a noun denoting someone who suffers And as an adjective meaning to to bear with forbearance A person who requires medical care A person under a physician s care for a particular disease A person who is waiting for an undergoing medical or condition treatment and care TYPES OF PATIENT Passive dependant Flexible Independent skeptic Angry MOST DIFFICULT EMPATHY Empathy is the capacity to understand or feel what another person is experiencing from within their frame of reference that is the capacity to place oneself in another s person EQUANIMITY Equanimity is a quality of emotional stability and composture particularly in times of high stress STOICISM Implies an apparent indifference to pleasure or especially to pain as a matter of principle or self discipline EMPOWERED PATIENT Is it being informed about the various health aspects wellness status and disease state to gain maximum health benefits Or is it being an active participant in receiving health care services PATIENT CENTRED CARE Systems must be designed to serve the needs of patients Ensure patients are fully informed Retain control And participate in care delivery whenever possible And ensure patients receive care that is respectful of their values and preferences Discuss the benefits and risks of each treatment option Know the benefits and risks of each option Understand how hey relate to your patient s situation and condition Use evidence based decision making resources to compare the treatment options OUTCOMES THAT MATTER TO PATIENTS INCLUDE Quality of life Mobility Ability to carry out certain tasks Ability to focus Ability to return to work Side effects risks of treatment Symptoms eg Pain nausea Survival WHAT SHOULD WE AS DOCTORS DO Listening Physical mental and emotional support Educate and inform Giving patients our time Holistic approach

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