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If you want to check if you have Java installed simply type java version into your command line If the version shows up then Java is installed Additionally you should also check the Java C version for the compiler If you get an error that the Java C command is not found it may be because the path is not set I have used VS Code on my machine with various extensions and in upcoming tutorials I will be using a different IDE On the left hand side of VS Code s interface you can see the Explorer tab where you can create your first project by merging files and libraries VS Code also has a terminal so you don t need to open an external one with Windows there s also an option for a command prompt Here you can enter commands such as java version which will show what version of Java is installed on your machine in my case it s Java 17 which is the Long Term Support version Java is an incredibly popular language and Naveen Reddy a corporate trainer and software developer has been working with it for the last 12 years He has created multiple courses on Java for YouTube and other platforms Java is sought after because of its multiple features that make it useful in the Enterprise Market including mobile development web development and application development Although some people believe Java is difficult to learn it s only initially challenging if you are coming from a different language such as Python or JavaScript Fortunately there are many editor options available specifically for Java programming With the recent launch of Java 19 and the upcoming release of Java 20 the features of Java are constantly being improved while remaining backward compatible Additionally some versions of Java have long term support such as version 17 With new features being added every six months there is always something new to explore in the world of Java can teach you more languages in this course but I d rather talk about Java now so I d like to thank you for your time Java is so famous because Java has multiple features which helps it to be used in the Enterprise Market and then I hit the return key and then I type in print Hello World and then I hit the return key and then I type in print Hello World

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