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Web development Full stack web development course for beginners teaches Html CSs and Javascript and then you ll learn how to use those skills to make a full stack web app every website on the Internet uses Html and CSs most also use Javascript in a website backend development is just a combination of front end and backend development This is why we use Html and how you can build web pages using Html now In this course we re going to be using rapids for our coding and I m going to show you how to set that up and how to do everything all from replica com the first thing we need to do is to create a new replied so that is going to take a few seconds to create all of that for us once that is created It s created this for us with like a boilerplate of code that automatically comes with this particular replica Html comprises of different elements to make it what is so For example if I come into this code you can see that we have some hello world text being printed everything that is going to be in this section of this of the browser or of the web page goes into the body element so that is what the body is for it s basically all the code that you re going to do is going into this body element the structure that you re meant to follow when you create a new Html page so i m gon na get rid of all of this and let s start this from the beginning so whenever you create an Html page you must first define a doctype declaration This shows the type of documents that this represents so it allows the browser to know how to display the web page correctly this is the root of all your of the Oh Html structure so everything that we re going to be coding should be inside this Html tag everything that we see right here should be stored under the body type so right here we should have a body type the body basically takes any visible code or any visible thing that we want to show on our web page Html attribute just shows me what parameters a tag needs To take for example this a tag is used for redirecting a user to another link the value of this attribute is the link I want to take the user to right so For example once a user click clicks on this click the link and we need to specify the link that we want to we use the tag in the opening tag We leave a space and we type the name of the attribute and we say equals to Html attribute gives more information about the element or the tag So for example this a tag it needed an information and that information needed is the link We want to send the user to So once the user clicks on click the link once I run that and it runs again If I take this if you look at the left bottom corner you can see that it s showing me that I m going to go to Https Google com the img tag or the image tag does n t take a value right now what I mean by this is like it doesn t showcase the value The only thing it showcases is the image so what we just need to specify is the source of that image so we can do this similar to how we specified the link to this Url that we re redirecting there are various attributes of different things we can use right and for example right in here where we have this paragraph so let me just get rid of this image Because we do n t need it so we can also have another attribute called Alt alt attributes basically tells us like let s say more information about this image so let s say the image contains a dice

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Web Development

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