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Stock Market For Beginners Beginners get scared by just hearing share markets names In films we see the share market destroys everything but friends are claiming that they are making lots of money Besides that family members says to stay away from it But after this video all of your confusion will be cleared and you will find out how and where to enter The first question is is the share market risky This I ask you through a basic example Basically when you buy a share you buy somewhat small part in that company If the company drowns then your money will also drown And there are many companies that drown and make a loss Eicher Motors in the past 7 8 years they have increased the sale of Bullet bikes many times There are many shares in the market which doesn t grow a single rupee instead falls and some grows 4x to 5x times in a single year But it s risky and that s why the returns are high and we will discuss Risk Mitigation methods in this video to lower the risk The key is you have to invest for 25 years You have to increase the amount by 15 to get 15 return After 25 years starting from Rs 1000 and every year 15 increment and you are getting only 15 return on your investment not 18 or 20 Despite that after 25 years you will have Rs 1 crore With SPI Calculator you can figure out if you started with Rs 2000 or Rs 3000 so after what year how much will you make When we buy a property does anyone thinks in 4 days the price will be doubled and I will sell it out But if your friends say you to come to share market and they will say this too that they made Rs 40 000 in one day doubled their money in 2 months If you play the share market as a gamble For the company that you are becoming an owner and buying share of about that who is the manager What is their business model Not finding about that and just read a chart and heard from someone and bought the shares Then you will obviously make a loss The Kids outperformed the Chartered Accountants They know class 5th maths Hindi English and Science So how did they do that understand this thing As they are kind which companies did they choose Cadbury Disney Barby companies like this which interested them and they are customers of those products So who knows a product better than a customer As the kids used their products and picked them which means those companies were satisfying their customers So that company had to do well That s why they outperformed them If you want to start a business if you need little money then family members relatives relatives and friends will give you If you need some more money then the bank would give you but you need Rs 20 000 crore Bank wo n t give you that nor friends or relatives Unless you form the Ambani family which many of us are n t So in this case who will give you this much money The public will given you this money This means you will tell people your business model that this is my plan I m going to do this make this factory make this car make a car luxury car it will Finology s BSE Institute certified course on value investing will be absolutely right for you On this course for 1 year non stop we will teach you investing s all expert ways At the end Bombay Stock Exchanges subsidiary will take your exam And if you passed then they will give you a certificate Which will help you a lot to make a career in this field The link is in the videos description In this report you will find 4 such stocks which are very beginner friendly safe and easy for your business understanding Pranjal Kamra will be bringing you more such videos If you have any doubts about this video and you need clarification then make as many comments as you like

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Stock market

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