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From this presentation onwards we will study a new subject that is data structures and in this presentation I will introduce what data structure is and some real life examples of data structure you can think of a data as quantities characters or symbols on which operations are performed by a computer This is what data is a data structure structure is the systematic way to organize data so that it can be used efficiently data structure gives us the way to structure the data to appropriately manage the data and not only that we can use it whenever required in an efficient way This is the reason why companies are preferring this subject over other subjects because this is very important subject did you know that stack data structure is used in implementing Redo and undo feature You know that this is the famous that this is the famous feature which we are using many number of times in our applications one such application is Google Docs or power Point or microsoft word That is why it is a very useful data structure for Us now let s discuss some real life examples of data structures The primary goal of Neso Academy is to give quality education to actually I want to write everyone but accidentally I have written ebery instead of every I press control Z this element gets selected and you know it will get poped out of the stack and will get placed within this redo stack and you can see here stack is our data structure now let s see another example data structures are useful in day to day life and we using them more frequently and that is why it is so hot in it industry you can guess that which data structure is used to store this information we can use graph data structure to store information like this and now you can understand why data structures are so important

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