Introduction to python

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python is nowadays the most popular programming language but you can say it is the fastest growing programming language nowadays The concept of python came into picture in 1989 and even java was you know the concept of java or python i ll pronounce it as python right okay now see python is being used right now the main areas are machine learning data science artificial intelligence White has become so popular because first thing is it is easy to learn easy to understand and it has wide range of applications i have told you in how many areas almost in every area it s been used in almost every area The big giants companies are using this language maybe the main language or supportive type of language as a support language python is multi paradigm language it is general purpose language almost in every field for making everything you can use this language python is interpreted language without compiled language and is open source so that is why it is having a huge community and rich library many ill you know inbuilt packages modules functions The main areas where Python is being used are in software development web development data science artificial intelligence game development and mobile apps NK Big giants companies are using Python as a support language in their research and development fields UNK is an easy to understand relatively low level language that is suited for data analysis software development and game programming NK also has a wide range of applications in fields like artificial intelligence and machine learning 1 Python is a general purpose interpreted language 2 Python has a rich library with many preexisting functions and modules that can be used in programs without having to write them from scratch 3 Python is a popular language for data science and machine learning due to its built in libraries and modules 4 Python has a large community of developers who can answer questions and help you out if you are struggling with using It There are lots of career opportunities for this in this field for this language There are many career opportunities and average salary is also high like it s from 8 to 12 per nm so that is why it is so popular and i m sure you are aware about now this language some features who are using it the application areas of python and all

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Introduction to python

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