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Outline Worksheet 1 What is your language issue Language discrimination in the workplace 2 Summaries Summaries your core text and new sources in a few sentences a Summary of the core text In the essay Should Writers Use They Own English by Vershawn Young the author argues that standardized english being taught in schools perpetuates systematic discrimination by making people with unique non american english dialect adhere to a system that strips them or their own way of thinking and expressing themselves b Summary of the first new source Language diversity and discrimination in the American workplace Legal ethical and practical considerations for management In this article it talks about the new reality America s workforce is increasingly ethnic and culturally diverse Having such a diverse workforce is beneficial in terms of people who are multilingual and can even communicate with a more diverse customer base as well The problem is that some companies want to enforce an english only policy for business practices This is discriminatory because unless it is extremely carefully written that protects language country of origin and cultural background this system only creates a divide between typical Americans and U S citiezens whos first language is not english c Summary of the second source AMERICA S MELTING POT LANGUAGE NOT INCLUDED U S WORKPLACE LANGUAGE DISCRIMINATION AND THE EUROPEAN UNION APPROACH AS A MODEL FRAMEWORK In this article it addresses the issue with an english only policy at the workplace similar to the last source However is also compares Americas s laws against discrimination in the workplace versus europes policies The article suggests that Europe s discrimination acts are more detailed and include all facets of someone s cultural background It does not strongly vouch for the U S to adopt the European civil rights laws but simply highlights that the framework of their policies are more inclusive 3 Synthesis a Briefly explain how you re planning to synthesize your three texts I plan to talk about how Young s essay can compare to my first new source because even though it is talking about English in the classroom vs the workplace there are still a lot of parallels between the two One being that the reason these systems have not changed is due to a fear that white america will lose control and dominance over minorities I also can talk about my 2nd new source because it is very similar to my first new source talking about disrimnation in the workplace however it would beinteresting to compare Americas discrimnation policies versus the UK and talk about how it would maybe be beneficiary for the U S to adopt these rights b How do your two new sources connect to your core text They both talk about how dominant language ideology is moving backwards in a country that is growing more culturally diverse by the day They are similar because they both have to do with typical Americans afraid of this change and how there is still discrimination based on language in the U S In general people with unique english dialects are asked to speak more American which is another way to say that they do not like the way non european descent people talk at work c How do the authors discuss your language issue Do they agree disagree with one another Does any of them raise new questions ideas about that specific language issue Yes they all agree with each other to a certain extent Even though one article is talking about specifically writing in a classroom versus speaking at work they all vouch for a more diverse and accepting way to communicate and condemn english rules that attempt to strip culturally diverse Americans of their own way of speaking 4 Reflection a How did you choose your text I worked backwards by looking up sources on my language issue than seeing what thematic text we have read that drew the most similar comparisons I was at first going to find three new sources but later realized that it is far too much analysis and would be confusing b Briefly explain how you found your sources I looked up language discrimination in the workplace scholarly articles c What new ideas perspectives stakes have you learned from the two sources you ve found Have they shifted your perspective on the issue at hand Have they prompted any new questions for you I now think that America s civil rights act should be updated and rewritten in order to adapt to today s world These sources have not shifted my perspective because they all are in agreement that more cultural diversity is good for the country My 2nd new source naturally prompte the question If the U S adopted the U K s policies would langause discrimination in the U S improve 5 Conclusion Are there any possible conclusion ideas in your mind No because I haven t written the essay yet Although I know that I am going to talk about how more diversity in language is beneficial to all ages 6 Works Cited Prepare your Works Cited list below Purdue OWL is a great source to learn the basics of MLA So make sure to check its MLA guide https owl purdue edu owl research and citation mla style mla style introduction html Thorpe Lopez Julie 2007 America s Melting Pot Language Not Included U S Workplace Language Discrimination and the European Union Approach as a Model Framework California Western International Law Journal Vol 38 No 1 Article 13 Available at https scholarlycommons law cwsl edu cwilj vol38 iss1 13

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