BHSU BSM 794 - Python Tutorial - Python Full Course for Beginners

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Python Tutorial Python Full Course for Beginners Programming with Mosh Mosh is a software engineer with two decades of experience and I ve taught over 3 million people how to code He has designed this Python course for anyone who wants to learn Python In this tutorial I m going to show you how to download and install Python on your computer You will learn how to use Python in machine learning or artificial intelligence All the materials you re going to learn in this course will apply to the latest version of Python as well At the time of recording this video the latest version is python 3 7 2 Chances are in the future when you are watching this tutorial there is a newer version of Python available The first time we run pycharm we re going to get this warning because this is an application that we download from the internet So let s go ahead and open it every time you open it click on create new project Make sure that base interpreter is set to Python 3 Mac computers come with an older installation of Python that s Python 2 It s considered legacy which means it s no longer maintained or supported So by convention all Python files should have this py extension In this Python tutorial we re gong to take this program to the next level and make it more interesting So I m going to show you how to draw a dog hair As part of this tutorial you will learn how Python code gets executed and you will also learn about a few programming terms In the future as you learn more Python you ll be able to build applications that have a graphical user interface With this piece of code we can draw 10 asterisks on the terminal Python interpreter tries to execute line 4 when it executes line 4 It will evaluate the code that we put in between parenthesis and before the parenthesis add a space once again add an asterisk space 10 So let s run this program one more time there you go Are you excited to learn Python and get started on this career path If you are I would encourage you to make a commitment and spend 2 hours every day practicing python Use the comment box below and let me know why you are learning Python what do you want to do with it What s your dream job I would love to hear your story Python interpreter executes our code line by line from the top On the second line we can update the value of this price variable so we can reset it to a new value like 20 On line 2 we can define another variable called rating and set it to number 4 9 Now note that Python is a case sensitive language Python is sensitive to lower case and upper case letters In this tutorial I m going to show you how to receive input from the user So we re going to write a small program that asks the user s name and then we ll print a greeting message customized for that user In Python we also have functions for common tasks such as printing messages receiving input and so on Mosh has created a cheat sheet with summary notes to review the materials in this course The link is below this video So I have done my best to create the best possible Python course on Youtube And I really appreciate it if you support my hard work by liking this video and sharing it with others We re going to write a program that will ask the year that we were born in and then it will calculate our age and print it on the terminal Python does n t know what to do with subtraction So whenever you see this message that means there is something wrong with your program Python does n t know how to interpret or how to evaluate this expression To fix this problem we need to convert this 1982 into an integer and then we ll be able to subtract it from 2019 and that is easy I want you to write a program ask the user their weight and then convert it to kilograms In this tutorial you re going to learn more about Python strings So I ve defined this course variable and set it to Python for beginners defined another variable weight kg we set this to weight lbs times 0 45 And finally let s print weight underline kg Let s run this Python program and see what happens We use square brackets to get a character and a given index in this string The index of the first character in the string is 0 We can also use a negative index here This is one of the features that we do n t have in other programming languages as far as I know The square bracket syntax is pretty important if you re preparing for online python tests or college exams So with this syntax you can basically copy or clone a string So once again the square bracket brackets syntax works we can also use a similar syntax to extract a few characters instead of 1 character In this tutorial we re going to look at formatted strings in Python programming language Formatted strings are particularly useful in situations where you dynamically generate some text with your variables Let s say we want to print this on the terminal So I m going to run this program there you go This is what we get Jon Smith is a coder So to define formatted strings prefix your strings with an F and then use curly braces to dynamically insert values into your strings This is particularly useful when you receive input from the user Using this len function we can enforce a limit on the number of characters in an input field In this Python tutorial we will show you some really cool things you can do with Python strings When a function belongs to something else or is specific to some kind of object we refer to that function as a method In contrast len and print are general purpose functions they do n t belong to strings or numbers or other kinds of objects To access these functions we use the dot operator There are times that you want to check the existence of a character or sequence of characters in your string In those situations you use the in operator to check if this string contains the word python The in operator produces a boolean value and I get true or false The replace method is case sensitive so if you pass beginners all in lowercase this method is not going to find this exact word in our string We can use the len function to count the number of characters in a string this is the general purpose function built into python We also have specific functions for strings which we refer to as methods These include …

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