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petrol engine working in English petrol engine Working 4 stroke petrol engine English Lunatic Physics The gasoline engine also known as the four stroke patrol engine is the most commonly used type of engine in automobiles today The working principle of the full strokes by a petrol engine will be explained in this article In a spark ignition engine the air fuel mixture is ignited by an electric spark generated by a spark plug This ignition process happens for a very short period of time which results in the piston having a small movement during the combustion process Contrary to the diesel engine which ignites the air fuel mixture through compression the spark ignition engine ignites the mixture using a spark plug The piston is moved down with great force and hot gases expand resulting in work being done on the piston while some of the heat is converted into mechanical work The timing of the spark is controlled by the camshaft which also controls the valves These valves are connected to the crankshaft through an appropriate speed reduction mechanism which allows the engine to keep moving Therefore this video demonstrates the mechanism of an engine through which it keeps moving

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