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Essay 3 Corruption In Defying Hitler Sebastian Haffner explains from his point of view how the lasting effects of World War I were prevalent in Germany during the worldwide economic depression of the 1920s Germany was suffering from war guilt and the reparations that came from the war Many Germans resented The Weimar Republic for agreeing to the Versailles Treaty s War Guilt Clause along with the things it had required of their country The treaty created extreme limits on the German military placed German colonies under the League of Nations control and required them to pay war reparations Haffner conveys two major factors allowing the Nazi Movement to be executed were the German s search for political change and economic stability This is a valid claim according to David Morrow s definition of validity as it is impossible to be false Germany was very obviously suffering from political economic and social issues that were created by their actions in the first World War Authoritarian government styles appealed to many Germans as they would provide a dramatic change from the Democratic style of the Weimar Republic Adolf Hitler would present Germany with National Socialism for the country which would appeal to many through his persistent use of propaganda Haffner starts his memoir by explaining Germany s economic inflation that was causing a depression in 1923 and how it affected the Germans Many were driven to begging many to

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