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Radius Height Surface area of cylinder vary Volume remains constant t tl yn IE For CYLINDER Eg D 12cm radius 15cmsmin Dino V tu h V 400cm 400M h 400 huh h o data t 21 O ghar t 2m is h We need to calculate h 400 ha 400 2024 hit d m t 2n is h o 120 t 242074311 O dah y It 2 Consider a melting snowball We will assume that the rate at which the is melting is proportional to its surface area Show that the radius snowball the snowball is changing at a constant rate 3 4 i dog 13 41 20 a 4 b 3 lot 9 a a th 29dg 2544 2 2114 A 213120 2157dg 120 to 2 24km hr of If 4 soo at S p t 32 5 2gdig 25dg 2 4 500 8 215 dg 5 A plane is flying at an altitude of 3miles away fromyou at oomph Let O be the angle ofelevation How fast is the angle O changing at the moment when theplane is flying over a point on the ground 4miles from you dg d s I 7 I dy d4 dat 10cm s 4 4 In2h I

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