Microsoft Excel Tutorial for Beginners

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Microsoft Excel Tutorial for Beginners Excel Training FREE Online Excel course Microsoft excel software is becoming a new trend and wherever you go especially in the corporate world its knowledge is extremely important so we have decided to bring out this course for you all since this course is for beginners so you do not need to have any knowledge about microsoft excel to start learning it and we would be covering it from the very basics After that we will also teach you all you need to know abou t pivot tables and pivot charts There are different groups and tabs available through which you can manipulate whatever you do in microsoft excel now i have opened this kind of a workbook and in workbook there are different sheets available which are known as worksheets and we usually work on the workssheets only When a cursor is present over there you can just type anything that you want suppose i just type in data so this data is now entered into a cell but how can we save it if we just press the enter key then you can see that the cell a1 is now containing the word beta If i type anything suppose some garbage values like this and i do n t want it to be saved in the b2 cell then what i do is just simply press the escape key so whatever the data that i entered over there is now removed from the cell In today s microsoft excel tutorials video we will be looking at some of the steps which will help you in organizing your data and maintaining a good record whenever you create any kind of a worksheet We lea rned about some of these shortcuts that how can we move between the cells in excel The steps i have followed are the basic steps that were covered in the first video of excel tutorials so you can also follow the same steps and organize your data like this In this video we are going to look that what types of data are available in microsoft excel and how can we access them When you just click on it you can see that dot 0 0 has been added after all the values of the units and that s exactly what tells us that it is not a single text it is a number now the other data type is state so we can just select its whole column uh right click over here and here you will find an option of short date so you will now see that it has been organized into a format The next thing is how can you filter the data so for that what you can do is just select this whole row and here you will find in the home tab itself an option of sort and filter If you want to see only those items whose price is 1 29 dollars so you can just click on it and select ok Auto fill in microsoft excel enables you to not only enter the data but only its pattern and it will automatically fill up the rest of the data We are going to see that how can we apply the different types of formulas in microsoft excel we have got a database in front of ourselves and we are going to apply the different formulas to our database to generate the different values of the different results as per our choice These formulas can be applied in a variety of ways and i m going to show you the different ways so you can judge for yourself that which way is the simplest or which way you like the most We are going to use some of the built in functions that we can easily use now how can we use these functions in microsoft exc el What about when you want to take up the data from the microsoft excel sheet as well one approach could be the same like the one we just showed you you can just enter all this data manually and summit but that s too lengthy of a process Instead of putting in the plus sign what we did is made use of a function of microsoft excel which is called the sum function it is an inbuilt function that is given to us by microsoft to it suppose you can just type in 12 then comma then type in 23 89 32 anything that you want and then just close the parentheses and as soon as you hit enter then you will see that the sum of the values you entered is shown over here In today s microsoft excel tutorial we are going to see that how can we use the different types of relational operators that are available to us in microsoft itself and when you press enter it will automatically find out the sum of all the values that have been written instead of the sum what you can do is just calculate the average of the numbers so you can just click on auto average We are going to use the same relational operators inside a built in function of microsoft excel which is known as the if function We are also going to understand the functionality of the function and along with it analyze it in detail to generate the different kinds of the outputs using the function The if function generates three kinds of output that is the numerical output the string output and the boolean output

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