Alcohol Phenol & Ethers 2

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A OH O L PHENOL I EITHER These notes been unified by have top faculties CBSE science Toppers Class XII B0ARDE n As per updated syllabus soo Target Previous Year Q s TAO AB Photo 0 faaY Ether Phenol FLOWCHART Types of monohydric Alcohol IupACNomenclatu Pr Alcohol h c preparationofetheJ Begdf io thaw ex im m ReactionofPhen Electrophilicsubstitutionreach IT fniedelcraftreach cm Conversions Phenolwithzndu Oxidation I LucasT t tt dH a meB Haas Mq etoaoooaagq c R T TA tgfgozgd gr atSfpd tesseract are awi 1ah My 838038083 6 ae omooa q qm to oxygenate say KESEY omfg B possets too GATTISotoscopesII SBoohoos go gazedgEiEEBEg g OT p ooood I I BEEBHoodad OfEsse ler 3 Mytton o Bg Commercial use of Ethanol Methanol

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