Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence Course In these Notes we will be covering all the domains and concepts involved under the umbrella of artificial intelligence and also be showing you a couple of use cases and practical implementations by using Python So there s a lot to cover in this session and let me quickly run you through today s agenda 1950 was speculated to be one of the most important years for the introduction of artificial intelligence In 1950 Alan Turing published a paper in which he speculated about the possibility of creating machines that think Alan Turing created what is known as the Turing test This test is used to determine whether or not a computer can think intelligently like a human being AI started off as a hypothetical situation Right now it s the most important technology in today s world Everything around us is run through AI deep learning or machine learning AI covers domains such as machine learning deep learning neural networks natural language processing knowledge based systems and so on AI is rapidly growing both as a field of study and also as an economy The term artificial intelligence was first coined in the year 1956 by John McCarthy at the Dartmouth Conference AI is the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence In a sense AI is a technique of getting machines to work and behave like humans AI has reach a stage wherein it can compute the most complex of complex problems in a matter of seconds Even though AI can not think and reason like humans but their computational power is very strong compared to humans IBM Watson technology was able to cross reference 20 million oncology records quickly and correctly diagnose a rare leukemia condition in a patient AI implements computer vision image detection deep learning to build cars that can automatically detect any objects or any obstacles and drive around without human intervention Netflix uses AI to create a personalized movie recommendation engine for each of its users Apart from Netflix Gmail also uses AI on a everyday basis to classify emails as spam and non spam What is Artificial Intelligence Artificial intelligence is a broad area of computer science that makes machine seem like they have human intelligence The goal of AI is to mimic the human brain and create systems that can function intelligently and independently Our expertly curated courses are designed to help students learn the latest technology AI is expected to become a little less artificial and a lot more intelligent Here we will be discussing what is artificial intelligence Sora will be looking at various applications of artificial intelligence will also see how to achieve artificial intelligence and finally we ll be discussing about the artificial intelligence course provided by a director Artificial intelligence is more dangerous than North Korea ish MA The term artificial intelligence is composed of two words artificial and intelligence so artificial means anything man made and it s just basic second standard definition an intelligent refers to intellect or thinking power which is an abstract thing There are numerous ways of achieving artificial intelligence and let us discuss those approaches will be discussing machine learning Deep learning is a subfield of machine learning concerned with algorithms inspired by the structure and function of the brain The challenge was overcome by deep learning which is inspired from how a human brain works you can even say that it uses Neron networks When we see different types of dogs our brain tends to create an abstract image of the dog or you can say that we recognize certain features which are common to all the dots like a dog s nose ears ears tail 4 etc Artificial intelligence was introduced by McCarthy in the year 1956 and around the 60s era when people were thinking about creating art now McCarthy introduced this in his paper which was presented in conference that was held mainly on the subject of artificial intelligence Alan Turing proposed a stearic test in 1950s in a hearing test and interrogator asked questions and if he can not distinguish whether the answer is coming from a machine or human the machine passes the Turing test or you can say that machine is intelligent In 2014 China Japan the United States the Republic of Korea and Germany together amounted to 70 of the total sales volume of robots now I have a question for you sort of do you think the robots will take all our jobs in future if they re advancing so much I m not really sure about that right now but I believe that s the same will be with artificial intelligence as well now let us talk about finance and gorllewin trading involves the use of complex artificial intelligent systems to make trading decisions Even machines are creative and definitely a lot creative than you sir I could sense that stress that you made and definitely yes of course and one more amazing creative application of artificial intelligence is that it can also compose music The course will discuss about artificial intelligence and deep learning with stencil flow course provided by us Watson challenged two top ranked players on Jeopardy undefeated champions Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter in 2011 with artificial intelligence google deep mind s alpha go defeated go champion Lise at all which artificial intelligence researcher thought was not possible to achieve in next 20 years The data set that will use will contain ten types of images and multiple images of those time classes you need to trade your model on that particular dataset so that whenever you feed in an image of which belongs to those ten classes it should be able to recognize that particular it can be a boat can be airplane automobile and similarly there are seven other classes The next project is a wine classifier project you ll be classifying different kinds of wine using a neural network Artificial Intelligence Explained According to a Carnot report artificial intelligence is going to create 2 3 million jobs by 2020 The term artificial intelligence was actually coined way back in 1956 by John McCarthy or professor at Dartmouth The idea behind here is to make intelligent machines that can take decisions on its own now Machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence technique Ai has made it possible for machines to learn from experience and grow to perform humanlike tasks it automates repetitive learning and discovery through data

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