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Ornithology 11 216 323 Spring 2016 Lecture Monday and Wednesday 2 15 3 35pm CDL 109 Lab Wednesday Thursday or Friday 9 15am 12 15pm Bartlett 12 or field trip Week Bird dissection Lab No lab Bird ID basics waterbirds Instructor Michael Allen michael allen rugters edu Waller Hall 7 ph 908 268 3551 TA Bethanne Bruninga Socolar bethanne ta gmail com ENR 103 ph 443 433 8262 Learning Goals 1 deepen understanding of biology through the scientific study of birds 2 interpret and understand the significance of evolutionary relationships among birds 3 understand the scientific process in ornithology including the interpretation of graphs and experiments 4 develop competency in field identification of birds Schedule Date Jan 20 Jan 25 Jan 27 Feb 1 Feb 3 Feb 8 Feb 10 Feb 15 Feb 17 Feb 22 Feb 24 Feb 29 March 2 March 7 March 9 March 14 16 Mar 21 Mar 23 Mar 28 Mar 30 April 4 April 6 April 11 April 13 April 18 April 20 April 25 April 27 May 2 TBD Lecture Introduction Diversity evolution I Diversity evolution II Feathers Flight Physiology Brain senses Exam I Class project Vocal communication Annual cycles Migration Social behavior Mate choice Exam II Spring break Breeding systems sex Nests Parental care Algometry Life history strategies Populations Exam III Community Ecology Birds and people Conservation I Conservation II Class project recap Review make up Final Exam Readings None Ch 1 online article Ch 2 online article Ch 4 online article Ch 5 Ch 6 Ch 7 online article Online article Ch 8 Ch 9 Ch 10 Ch 11 Ch 12 No class Ch 13 14 Ch 15 Ch 16 Online article Ch 17 Ch 18 Ch 20 Online article Ch 21 Online article No class FIELD TRIP Davidson s Mill Pond 8 00am FIELD TRIP Helyar Woods 8 00AM FIELD TRIP HMF 8 00AM FIELD TRIP Sandy Hook 7 00AM FIELD TRIP LAB FINAL Location TBA No lab 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 FIELD TRIP Shark River Estuary 7 00AM Anatomy quiz Land birds FIELD TRIP Raptor Trust Great Swamp Specimens review Lab midterm specimens Neotropical migrants Grading A 90 to 100 B 87 to 89 B 80 to 86 C 77 to 79 C 70 to 76 D 60 to 69 F 60 Lecture 70 of total Lab 30 of total Anatomy quiz 5 Midterm 10 Final 10 Participation 5 Exam 1 13 Exam 2 13 Exam 3 13 Final 16 Quizzes 10 Class project 5 six random quizzes based on readings for that day plus the previous lecture lowest score dropped a joint class project to be described in class grade will depend on participation Important notes for labs and field trips Attendance is mandatory to both lab and field trips Two or more unexcused absences will result in failure of the course Labs Labs start at 9 15am and are held in Bartlett Hall room 12 No food or beverage is allowed Field trips Vans depart promptly from ENR parking lot at 8 00am for local trips and 7 00am for longer trips see schedule For 7 00am trips we will arrange earlier pickup at other campuses for those cannot make it to Cook due to the bus schedule Bring a field notebook and take notes The information from labs may appear on tests You must dress for the weather This means very warm clothing as it is usually much colder than you expect it to be We will be hiking over uneven soggy and or sandy terrain so good water resistant footwear is required no open toed shoes Sun protection snacks water and bug spray may be needed Coming extraordinarily unprepared for the weather may be counted as an absence In extreme weather we will email you to cancel the trip and switch to an indoor lab If the weather is questionable but no announcement was sent we will meet at the ENR parking lot at the arranged field trip time and decide then Required texts Ornithology 3rd edition Frank Gill The Sibley Field Guide to Birds of Eastern North America David Allen Sibley Online resources Many good tutorials on all aspects of bird biology http academy allaboutbirds org Very helpful lecture notes http people eku edu ritchisong ornitholsyl htm Crowd sourced bird songs from around the world www xeno canto org Species habitat and conservation info for birds worldwide www birdlife org Academic integrity All work must be your own Cheating will not be tolerated and will result in a grade of zero Consult http academicintegrity rutgers edu for details

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