Netflix Goes to Bollywood

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Case study Netflix Goes to Bollywood 1 Executive summary The growth of the digital market has led to slow growth in the media and entertainment industry Streaming video services SVOD are gradually replacing traditional television with variations The account offers the convenience and flexibility of online video services especially to allow unlimited access to premium content With more than 137 million users worldwide Netflix is the leading company in the streaming market Despite its decline Netflix has grown significantly over the past few years Since 2015 the value of the membership stream has increased by an average of 6 per month For the past three years Netflix has dominated the financial markets and generated impressive profits Netflix s goal is to continue investing in content especially new shows Netflix estimates that the company will invest 11 trillion in entertainment in 2018 The network s growing library of unique titles gives Netflix a huge competitive advantage over its rivals Most of Netflix s revenue so far comes from the United States but growth in international markets is important to the company s future Barat 2022 With a lot of focus on creative programming including local content the company hopes to increase its revenue to 15 8 trillion in 2018 and 54 0 trillion in 2028 The company s video streaming and advertising budget will continue to grow not licensing as it plans to continue creating content 2 Table of Contents Executive summary 2 Introduction 4 Netflix s Strategy framework 5 Netflix present skill strategy 5 The expansion in India 6 Netflix s Strategy Tool 7 Indian streaming videos on demand market analysis 7 SVOD Competition in India 8 SWOT Analysis 11 Netflix strategy growth 13 Key Strategic Problem 14 Five Forces and Value Chain Analysis 14 Recommendations 16 Conclusion 16 Reference 17 3 Introduction Mark Randolph a technology marketing executive then Reed Hastings a computer engineer founded Netflix in 1997 Before the official launch Netflix introduced a rental service after Randolph and Hastings realized that they could not compete online with Amazon and Wal Mart DVD retailer Officially launched in 2002 Netflix IPO began streaming movies and programs in 2007 The business is based in Los Gatos California With the introduction of the Canadian service in 2010 Netflix began its global expansion and will continue for the next few years An online entertainment network that offers international streaming options in addition to its US DVD rental service Customers can choose a package that suits their budget and different prices are provided so that the offer can generate extra money for the company The ability to attract new customers and delight existing ones in addition to the ability to enter new markets is a key factor in Netflix s ability to add value India even had nearly half a billion online subscribers at the end of 2016 up from more than 400 million in July Customers of these smartphones are mostly young people Due to poor broadband access and lack of reliable network infrastructure this young group enjoys active streaming of Bollywood videos and movies on their smartphones Using these numbers Netflix s plans to enter India can mark whether the move is a clear victory or if there are challenges that need to be overcome in order to succeed Das et al 2022 With 137 1 million subscribers worldwide Netflix has experienced tremendous growth over the years With paying users in over 190 countries it is one of the leading video streaming providers on the planet Even though Netflix had such a promising revenue opportunity in India it still faced a variety of serious issues Arguments on Netflix s future became very heated during in the course of the project and a slew of concerns in addition to problems related to government regulations price and the increase in the number of opposition teams arose Netflix s Strategy framework Netflix present skill strategy Netflix s overall strategy places a strong emphasis on exploiting the competitive advantage of high efficiency and cost information technology Heavy advertising is part of the company s aggressive growth strategy to expand its entertainment services worldwide According to Eklund 2022 Netflix s business model which encourages efficiency and brand recognition is reflected in such a strategic approach The industry s adoption of online business reflects the need aimed at IT support for lucrative operations then global expansion An industrial operational strategy tries to combine critical growth factors to ensure that the business model in addition to the grand growth strategy is 4 integrated toward improve the industry model of the traditional competitive advantage strategy Netflix first started by shipping DVD movies As a result of the important role of the industry in the development of technology Netflix has shifted from providing video on demand to online content business A movie file sent online to a remote user as part of an online service Viewers don t need to download anything to actually watch the video file The company offers its customers a variety of videos including cartoons TV dramas movies and action movies Every video is available online without time limit Internet connection and Netflix membership are required to access this service Netflix is accessible from all smart devices including computers smart TVs smartphones and tablets This system can be accessed through an internet browser or the software mentioned among the tools above A unique feature of this platform is the ability of multiple users to participate in the same program at the same time using one membership The number of devices subscribed to Netflix is included in the formula If more people share a login and use additional displays than the number specified popular the subscription plan the corporation automatically adds an additional fee Additionally Netflix movies can be downloaded and watched offline Because of its versatility Netflix customers can use the application even without an internet connection The Netflix stage is actual fluid and intelligent thanks to a reliable easy and intuitive software design Netflix gives its subscribers exclusive rights to watch original programming This approach is based on newer members than competitors Figure Netflix s Strategy framework diagram Source www samples freshessays com netflix strategy in india html The expansion in India As share of the situation global growth strategy

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