Analytical essay on Tesla

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Analytical essay on Tesla 1 TABLE OF CONTENTS 1 Introduction 3 2 Strategic challenge 4 3 Literature review 4 4 Why supply management is a strategic challenge and its impact 7 5 Discussion 8 7 Conclusion 12 Reference 14 2 1 Introduction Tesla Inc stays an American company that strategies manufactures then trades electric vehicles energy storage systems and solar panels Originated in 2003 through businesspersons Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning the firm is named after the famous scientist and discoverer Nikola Tesla Tesla has become one of the most innovative and successful automakers in the world and its vehicles have been praised for their performance safety and environmental friendliness Tesla s work is toward fast track the world s changeover toward sustainable energy and it is committed to creating products that are energy efficient reliable and affordable The company has revolutionized the auto industry by introducing the world s first all electric vehicles and it has set the standard for the future of electric transportation With its revolutionary products and commitment to sustainability Tesla is paving the way for a better future Tesla Inc is committed to creating a sustainable and efficient supply chain management system The company has worked hard to develop innovative solutions that reduce the environmental impact of its products reduce costs and improve customer service Akakpo et al 2019 Tesla s supply chain management strategy is based on three core principles customer centricity sustainability and efficiency Through this approach Tesla has been able to ensure the quality and reliability of its products and services while also reducing its environmental footprint The company has applied a range of advanced technologies and processes to its supply chain management system including predictive analytics and artificial intelligence to ensure that all its operations are as efficient and sustainable as possible With this approach Tesla is leading the way in the development of a greener and more efficient supply chain management system 3 Source www seekingalpha com article 4483552 tesla stock profit soar production passed Figure Tesla challenge breakeven scale 2 Strategic challenge One strategic issue or challenge Tesla is facing is managing their supply chain Tesla is currently facing a global shortage of semiconductor chips which are essential components in the production of their electric vehicles This shortage has caused a bottleneck in Tesla s production process and has affected its ability to meet customer demand Tesla is actively looking for solutions to the chip shortage and is exploring alternate sources of supply but it remains a major challenge for the company 3 Literature review Tesla s commercial strategy aims to first goal wealthy customers following the typical technological produce life cycles and then then extend into better markets on lower price points Marginally than ordering a traditional trader system Tesla trades the aforesaid cars online then in workshops that remain controlled by the industry As the industry shifts to an e commerce approach customers can now buy and personalize cars online Tesla s development plan concentrates on applying other strategies from of the tech sector to transportation like continuous updated software and developing pure electric propulsion systems Finding Company s processes that container help the maker of electric cars then give the situation a competitive advantage is complete much calmer with the aid of an systematic framework dubbed the Tesla importance chain analysis Bo et al 2022 Tesla s 4 supply series includes obtaining and keeping the raw supplies required to produce electric vehicles energy storage devices then solar panels In accumulation toward a normal set of raw materials like aluminium steel cobalt lithium nickel then copper Tesla employs a variety of rare essentials The company buys shares after thousands of vendor s universal including from this one individual Gigafactory popular Sparks Nevada aimed at use in the aforementioned Fremont vehicle plant popular the US Lone 20 kilometres north of the Fremont factory popular the Oaks Logistics Inside in Livermore California the electric auto maker operates 3 gigantic 1 3 million sq ft facilities Tesla is constructed an 870 000 square foot plant in Lathrop California trendy 2019 to act as a major extra parts storeroom The electric automaker is yet to use high tech supply chain methods to create value Because of the statistic that Tesla primarily brands cars toward order a scarcity of components power is a thoughtful problem Therefore the situation is essential aimed at Tesla to have lasting strategic relationships with its vendors This chapter discussed the creation manufacturing and marketing of electric vehicles The company is expected to build and sell about 500 000 cars in 2020 The electric coach manufacturer activated creating the Type Y on the new factory in Shanghai in December 2020 Consumers buy the energy generated by Tesla solar power systems and so this industry develops manufactures installations sells or rents renewable energy systems as well as static storage solutions Tesla installed 86 MW of solar energy with 1584 MWh in store in Q4 2020 reflecting year over year increases at 19 and 59 correspondingly Tesla s primary source of corporate growth is the widespread utilization of robotics in numerous industrial processes It has been noted that awake to eight automatons can work on a only Model S by once in a synchronized sequence carrying out all of up to five tasks simultaneously including repairing riveting grasping and touching materials winding metal then installing components The storage the supply of Tesla s solar cells electric vehicles plus power storage technology all is part of the supply chain Tesla delivers electric vehicles to 35 other countries and regions outside of the United States in additional to having its own store and showrooms there Furthermore the business offers electric vehicle delivery directly to customers In order to promote quick sales the producer of electric cars often stores a small stock of vehicles at its store outlets Cooke 2020 Car rental modification is the preferred choice for the overwhelming bulk of buyers Tesla prefers selling to customers directly over collaborating with dealers and resellers For 2 purposes this could be cited as a key valuation in Tesla s supply chain Well first of all because of the

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