A Plastic Pandemic

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STRATEGIC PLAN REPORT 1 TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction 3 Plastic Reduction Strategy Proposition 4 Implementing the Strategy 8 Conclusion 10 Reference 11 2 Introduction It is widely acknowledged that plastic waste in freshwater and marine environments is among the most pressing world problems of current day 8 300 million metric tonnes in plastic are estimated to have manufactured over the past 60 years the most of it flowing into the manufacture of disposable products 6 300Mt more plastic waste were generated as a result of all this but only 9 of this was recovered 12 was incinerated while 79 was disposed of in landfills or even the earth s crust in which it acted as that of the final wash basin and generated a severe impact on the environment the economy people s health and aesthetic In addition to a few regional differences marine debris origins can be divided into two Categories Ocean which is thought to account for approximately 20 of a world s oceans waste pollution and ground that also counts approximately 80 In comparison millions of metric tons of litter enter the ocean from ground source materials through rising waters and flushes from storm drains thru the rivers streams the pollutions of beaches and other coastal areas industrial plants landfills and illegal dump sites located near the coast Marine litter emerges from fishing and aquaculture shipments transport army and tourist industry subsea petroleum and gas exploration and from improper disposal at sea among many other activities Awogbemi et al 2022 Plastic constitutes the majority of litter trying to make up 60 to 95 percentages of global waste pollution worldwide as well as perhaps even 100 percent of drifting trash And over 5 trillion 5 1112 micro plastics each weight and over 250 000 tons are presently drifting in the ocean based on a recent analysis Water supply lager and salt all been found to contain plastic fiber and particles the with impacts on human health being still unclear Plastic is strong and transportable These dual features that render it as popular as materials also make it a risk to animals and marine ecosystems Plastic waste takes been only shipped to rivers and streams by weighty winds before started washing there through torrential rainstorms from main streets as well as badly intended waste terminates in urban areas organization of waste of domestic waste then waste landfills traveller industry hotspots sand resorts sewage water then wastewater action facilities once one s size then form allow it as is the exact case by plastic antiseptic applies 3 Figure Plastic Reduction Strategy Source www cdn halifax ca sites default files documents city hall regional council 201201rc1115 pdf Plastic Reduction Strategy Proposition Cheap highly strong plastics are widely used but then as their use increased so has the quantity of plastic garbage including marine litter that has negative consequences aimed at the environment then human health The produced approximately 26 million metric tonnes of plastic excess yearly Less than 30 of it is recycled and a portion is sent overseas for processing The remaining either winds into nature including that on beach in woodlands rivers including oceans or is thrown off in a dump or burned The Commission brought forth a plastics plan inside an attempt to combat plastic pollution Bailey 2022 Its goals includes ensuring that just by 2030 all plastic packaging can be recycled or repurposed in addition to lowering the use of single use plastics and the amount of micro plastics They also requested a prohibition on purposely adding micro plastics in cosmetics personal care products cleansers and cleaning supplies in the year 2020 a need for some plastic products to include a minimum amount of recovered material and quality standards for recyclable plastic Moreover they suggest that industries use less micro plastic inside the production of products including textiles wheels paints and cigarettes butts Plastics industry that was on the rise Plastics are employed in every area of the economy In industries such transportation using lightweight vehicles and packaging and flexible alternatives plastics technology has aided in the pursuit of excellence Today it is difficult to imagine life without plastics Plastics are wonderful materials which improve life the only challenge arises if they are not used 4 correctly China has manufactured more plastic than that of the complete European Union making it the world s largest manufacturer of the substance Only around 9 10 of the total production gets recycled and then another 12 is incinerated in landfills Wastewater from the plastic industry makes the remaining 80 Inside one year the USA produces 38 billion bottles of water as waste The consumption of plastics is considered to be a solution for climate change Diana et al 2022 Fossil fuels are indeed the source of both plastics but also climate change Composites are produced when elements like carbon or glassy fibres are mixed with polymers Polymers could replace the use of glass metal or even wood The utilization of plastic leads in energy efficiency 1 1 Plastic Reduction Strategy Lowering the quantity of fresh raw supplies used would prevent pollution that is single of the benefits of reducing plastic convention Protects decreases the releases of greenhouse gases that energy climate change Reduced consumption of wasteful products is beneficial after efficient production but may be challenging to achieve because of food security and loss of accessibility However it remains possible to avoid pointless packaging like double packaging or choose eco friendly alternatives A lengthy strategy to reduce plastic usage is to raise consumer awareness of the ecological effects of one s buying decisions through official in education or casual news smooth etc education This might encourage more people to choose alternative solutions without microbeads that may be facilitated by precise labeling Companies would be forced to adapt their products in response to increasing customer demands for plastic free options but there are few viable alternatives and they require development strategies Eriksen et al 2020 Control and command policies such as regulating usage e g fees putting limits on ads and banning single use products have the potential to supplement voluntary actions by industries such is corporate social responsibility CSR Although consumers largely favor these measures as demonstrated by the

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