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COURSEWORK PLAN The practice of controlling a firm s finances so as to accomplish its targets and goals is referred to as fiscal administration It involves making decisions about how to allocate financial resources such as investing in research and development purchasing new equipment and managing debt Financial management also involves creating and monitoring budgets analyzing financial statements forecasting future financial needs and managing cash flow Wild 2022 It is important for an organization to have an effective financial management system in place in order to maximize its revenue and minimize its expenses The learning outcomes of financial management are to understand the principles of financial management to be able to analyze financial statements and budgets to be able to develop and monitor budgets to have knowledge of financial forecasting to be able to manage cash flow and to be able to identify and assess financial risks Burton et al 2022 Additionally students should be able to understand how to make sound financial decisions to be able to use financial tools to analyze data and to be able to evaluate financial performance When approaching this assessment I first conducted research to gain an understanding of financial management concepts and principles I then read materials such as articles books and other resources to gain more knowledge on the subject After gaining an understanding of the concepts I brainstormed ideas and created an outline to structure my approach to the assessment I then began writing making sure to provide detailed explanations of the concepts while referencing my research Lastly I went through the paper to make sure my points were clear and that I had addressed the assessment fully From 21 October 2022 to 16 January 2023 I will be conducting a financial management assessment First I will gather the necessary data and information This will include examining financial records such as income statements balance sheets and cash flow statements I will also take into account any relevant economic conditions industry trends and regulatory requirements Next I will analyze the data and information collected This will include forecasting future financial performance evaluating current financial health and assessing risk management practices Durham 2022 I will also assess the effectiveness of the organization s financial strategies and procedures Once the analysis is complete I will create a report that summarizes my findings and recommendations This report will include recommendations for improving financial performance and strengthening risk management practices Finally I will present my findings and recommendations to the management team 1 This will involve explaining my analysis and making suggestions for how to improve financial performance and risk management I ll be able to have a clear grasp of the group s financial situation and pinpoint opportunities for development thanks to this corporate finance review For this assessment I developed my information by researching different topics related to financial management I read articles blogs and books to learn about budgeting investment strategies credit utilization and other financial topics I also watched videos and listened to podcasts to gain a better understanding of the concepts Kristiansen 2022 Additionally I consulted with financial experts to learn about the best practices for managing finances Finally I used online resources to learn about financial management tools such as budgeting apps and investment tracking software By combining all of these sources of information I was able to develop a comprehensive understanding of financial management 2 Reference Burton M Maiorca C and Tripp L O 2022 The Relationship between Teacher Candidates Affective Dispositions and Instructional Planning Actions in STEM Education Sciences 12 2 p 82 Durham C 2022 We just learned from each other ESOL pre service teachers learning to use digital tools across coursework and student teaching The Language Learning Journal pp 1 14 Kristiansen C W 2022 Mandatory coursework assignments in Norwegian teacher education Challenges and possibilities Assessment theory policy and practice in higher education Integrating feedback into student learning p 109 Wild C 2022 The conflict between data and perception in placement reform and acceleration of English coursework Doctoral dissertation 3

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