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Haley Slater Sanders UNIV March 28 2022 In the third week of the carousel weeks Professor Sanders talked to all of the class about a variety of things First off he discussed the final paper and the requirements He then discussed missing assignments However the most important thing talked about was Professor Sanders time when he was at Total Wine Sanders went into the store and was asking for a specific bottle of liquor The store would never have what he was looking for One day he noticed they had it and the lady stocking the shelves told him he could not resell it Professor Sanders got frustrated and upset because he did not have any plans to resell it in the first place This resulted in Professor Sanders getting stereotyped because of the color of his skin This story relates to the first four weeks of the Uncommon course because a stereotype and bias are present in the story A stereotype can exist without social value Prejudice bias usually contains a social value How could Professor Sanders defeat the stereotyping and the traits misused He could be open to learning and growth He could also consider the evidence presented He should not seek to affirm a thought when challenged with other evidence How can one defeat prejudice and bias applied to traits Someone could recognize that prejudice and bias both contain social value think about where the value originates from in the other person s mind reflect and take time to listen and lastly to consider what value someone gets from holding onto the social value that is being applied to the trait This is very important to do to sort of think about the values and social values in where they come from My thoughts after the presentation was I thought it was interesting and how common I see it happen not only in the news but in stores I have been to Many people are stereotyped whether it is the color of their skin their religion their sexual orientation age etc

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