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THE 10 STEP KOREAN SKINCARE REGIMEN THAT CHANGED THE BEAUTY INDUSTRY FOR GOOD Ever wondered how Koreans have such beautiful radiant and well toned skin Their secret has now been revealed Our Korean sisters follow a 10 step skin care regimen that makes their skin look like it never ages It maybe taxing to follow a 10 step regime every single day However the results that have been seen with this beauty regimen will surely keep you motivated Let s talk about each step in detail The 10 Steps Korean Skin Care Routine Before starting the Korean facial or using any of these products conduct a patch test If you have sensitive skin apply the product at the back of your hand and wait for 24 hours If you don t see any reactions you can start the Korean beauty regimen Step 1 Use An Oil Based Cleanser The first step of this 10 step long Korean skin care regimen involves using an oil cleanser to remove makeup and dirt Oil based cleansers are less irritating than a normal cleanser They break down oil based makeup sunscreen and other debris These cleansers prove to be effective in the removal of water proof sunscreens as well 1 How It Can Help How To Use Step 2 Cleanse Again How To Use Take a small amount of the product and gently rub it in circles on your face Cleansing in circular motions also increases blood flow which is essential for healthy skin and allows the cells to carry out their functions smoothly This helps keep your skin bright and healthy Cleanse for 2 3 minutes and rinse the product off with lukewarm water It is recommended for you to mix essential oil with a carrier oil to avoid skin irritation and allergic reactions The first step of the routine clears out all oil based impurities The second part involves using a foaming water based cleanser to get rid of the accumulated sweat and dirt Double cleansing your face will help remove dirt grime sweat and oil based impurities as well Take a pump or two of the cleanser and gently massage it into your skin It is important to use a pH balancing cleanser to prevent it from eradicating your skin barrier Make sure you have those essential oils locked inside your skin What Is A pH Balancing Cleanser Our skin is weakly acidic which means the pH levels of human skin ranges between 4 7 5 7 2 A cleanser with a pH number higher than that is not recommended for your skin If your cleanser produces too much foam no matter how deeply cleansing it may seem it is most likely alkaline and not good for your skin pH Balancing Cleanser Step 3 Exfoliate Your Skin How To Use Step 4 Apply Toner A gentle scrub that suits your skin type should do the trick for you here Exfoliation essentially means removing dead skin cells from your skin This step will make your skin appear brighter and more firm It also helps improve your skin s overall texture and tone Take a small amount of your product on your palm and gently roll it in a circular motion on your face Wash it off after a minute or two A toner is meant to remove any left over dirt from your face and balance out your skin s pH levels However toners tend to diminish the oil in your skin and can make it feel dry and tight Avoid using alcohol based toners In the recent past toners with antioxidant anti inflammatory properties and other beneficial additives have been introduced They also tend to be moisturizing and soothing when compared to the typical alcohol based ones Get yourself a toner that suits your skin type How To Use Take a few drops of your toner onto your fingers and pat it gently into your skin You can also use a cotton pad Step 5 The New Thing In Town Essence An essence is truly one of the most vital parts of the Korean skincare regimen It offers the best of both worlds it soothes your skin while healing it at the same time An essence is packed with hydrating ingredients and also speeds up cell turnover How To Use Take a few drops of the product onto your fingers and pat it lightly into your skin Step 6 Use A Serum Ampoule Booster Your skin is now clear and ready to effectively absorb the more important ingredients A face serum is a slightly concentrated and heavier version of an essence It essentially contains active ingredients to address specific skin issues like wrinkles pigmentation and dark spots This step of the Korean skincare regimen is also meant to improve overall skin health Sprinkle a small amount of the product onto your palm and pat it gently into your skin This Korean beauty product has taken the industry by storm Sheet masks are soaked in serum and are packed with beneficial vitamins and minerals They are also extremely hydrating leaving your skin soft and supple Sheet masks are usually of a standard size meant to fit all face shapes and sizes Apply it to your face while gently patting as you line the mask around your eyes and mouth Leave it on for 20 30 minutes Sheet masks are also a quick fix before a party or event The skin around your eyes is usually the first to show signs of aging Eye creams are specifically tailored to address your under eyes and prevent wrinkles dark circles and crow s feet They soothe the skin under your eyes and keep it hydrated How To Use Step 7 Put On A Sheet Mask How To Use Step 8 Use An Eye Cream How To Use Step 9 Moisturize Moisturizer Take a pea sized drop of the product and gently tap it into the skin beneath your eyes The Koreans believe that this step is vital to lock in the previous layers It s more like an occlusive barrier used to lock in the previously applied products If you have oily skin use a light lotion based moisturizer If your skin is dry use a heavy cream based moisturizer to prevent your skin from feeling irritated How To Use Step 10 Don t Forget The SPF Take a small amount of the cream lotion gel spray and gently rub it into your skin Massage your skin in circular motions for 10 15 minutes SPF shields your skin and protects it against harmful UV rays A broad spectrum sunscreen is recommended to prevent UVA and UVB rays from damaging your skin 3 If you have oily skin it is recommended for you to use a physical sunblock or mineral sunscreen to avoid clogged pores Sunscreens come in various forms to suit your skin type and other preferences Gently pat the product into your face Cover your neck and jawline as well How To Use FAQs Q Does The Korean Beauty Regimen Really Work A In the recent past we ve witnessed a lot of fashion and beauty bloggers trying the Korean skincare regimen for a …

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