Small business ideas for women

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2 Interior designer 3 Yoga instructor 4 Jewelry brand 5 A personal trainer Small business ideas for women 1 Freelance photographer Freelance photography is a highly sought after business skill If you have photography skills or have always wanted to learn photography you can easily find work taking photos for brands worldwide Freelance photographers can make anywhere between 25 and 100 per hour on average You can start your own interior design business if you have an eye for design If you always get compliments when someone visits your home it s a sign that you have good taste and skills in decorating So utilize them and offer interior design consulting either in person or online The pandemic made it easier than ever to get certified to be a yoga or pilates instructor you can find certification courses online and it also increased the demand for at home workouts So if you are into wellness and have a passion for teaching becoming a yoga instructor can be a great business idea You can teach at the studio get your own private studio or offer classes online Have a passion for jewelry Always get compliments on pieces you re wearing and could spend hours shopping for just the right necklace Then you might consider starting a jewelry brand You can either take a course and learn to create jewelry yourself Or you can stick with design alone and outsource the production to professionals If you love fitness and the gym you could get a certification and start working as a personal trainer It s fairly easy to get certified in most countries and you can start by getting clients through friends and family until you build a regular roster of clients A personal trainer s salary starts from 25 per hour and can go up to thousands depending on the clientele and location small business ideas for women 6 Nutritionist 7 Stylist Getting a certification for being a nutritionist might take longer but it s also a great option if you love food and a healthy lifestyle You can find clients through friends and family and work with them face to face or offer online coaching 8 Personal chef 9 Esthetician 10 Make up artists If you are passionate about fashion why not start your own styling business Many people are looking for styling advice and you can start by offering free consultations until you build a reputation Personal chefs are becoming more popular in large cities where busy professionals don t have time to cook but still want something nutritious and delicious You can find clients through friends and family working with people locally The beauty industry is worth over 500 billion US dollars And the demand for various beauty treatments is growing every year If you love taking care of your skin you might want to consider getting a certification as an esthetician and opening your own beauty salon Another beauty related business idea is becoming a make up artist You can do make up without a certificate but you can get one in any beauty school if you want Start with doing make up on friends and family and get referrals that way side hustles for women Online business ideas for women 11 Freelance illustrator If you have always loved to draw and create art as a hobby you might want to consider becoming a freelance illustrator You can work with ad agencies create ads work with authors to create book covers or simply take on commission work with brands 12 Freelance graphic designer As a graphic designer you can create brand identities and website designs for corporate or private clients and work with ad and marketing agencies to help them design promotional materials If you have always wanted to be a published author and write a book but want to remain anonymous you could start a ghostwriting business You can ghostwrite blog posts articles books and everything in between from the comfort of your own home 13 Ghostwriter 14 Video editor If you love filming and editing videos then starting a video editing business is a good way to go Video editing skills are in demand so you ll be able to find a ton of work commercial and private working with Youtube creators or other small entrepreneurs 15 Podcast producer 16 Freelance web developer Podcasting is also on the rise and all podcast shows need audio editors and producers If you have the skills or want to take an online course and learn the skill then you might consider starting a podcast production company Building websites is a lucrative business idea for you if you have a passion for IT and coding Every business needs an online presence and with the technologies always changing they will always need someone to help them build the perfect website best business to start from home for women Entrepreneur ideas for women 17 PR agency If you work in public relations or are passionate about working with people then starting your PR agency might be a good business idea You can work with individual influencers or brands helping them craft their identities and grow their businesses 18 Online community Online communities are thriving in the age of social media There are plenty of free online communities where people with common interests or goals can connect And there are also paid communities that offer different benefits for their members Good examples are BossBabe a community for women in business and Freelancing Females a community for women who work as freelancers 19 Travel agency 20 Coach If you love to travel you might want to consider starting a travel agency Travel agents scour the world for the best holiday destinations and deals put together holiday packages for different occasions and work with people to ensure they have the best vacation experience You will have to connect hotels and local tour guides with tourists so it might be beneficial to be familiar with the country or even speak the language to ensure you can get the most authentic offers and experiences for your clients If you enjoy communicating with people and helping them find purpose and a path in life you might consider becoming a life coach Life coaches work with people helping them navigate certain areas of their life You can be focused on productivity time management confidence dating relationships body confidence end more 21 Online course Creating and selling online courses is one of the best online business ideas for women You can create an online course on a variety of topics from wellness to business and make money sharing your knowledge on a topic with other people Platforms like Teachable

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