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GC GNED 1011 - Team Development Brainstorm

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Team Development BrainstormSummary, Feelings & Behaviours Instructions:1. Select a person to be the recorder for your group. Download a copy of this document - Go to “File → Download”.2. Each group member will select one stage of team development. 3. Go to the “Using the Stages of Team Development” reading in the Blackboard, Week 10 folder, and review your assigned stage information.4. Using your understanding of your stage, develop a short summary and a list of possible feelings and behaviours for the stage.5. When complete, come back together and share your ideas with your group- the recorder will add these notes to the team’s document.6. Submit your group brainstorming document to the discussion thread. List your group members’ names in the “Subject” field.Forming:Group Member: Feelings●Behaviours●Storming:Group Member: Feelings●Behaviors●Norming:Group Member: Feelings●Behaviours●Performing:Group Member:Feelings●Behaviours●Adjourning:Group Member:

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