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Few weeks ago, I met a student named Hun Po Juan who was good at reading and understanding Englishbut was weak at speaking and writing English. He would talk with me in a different language which I could not understand at all. We would use google communicator frequently, but it would not translate anything properly because of the accent problem. So, we would think sometimes that we cannot be friends because of this communication barrier. We were about to give up, but we still decided to continue this. He used to teach me Korean sometimes, and I used to help him with the grammar or pronunciation mistakes he used to make. Language barrier can be someone’s enemy, but that does not mean you cannot defeat it. We used to talk about each other’s culture, and it was fun knowing about it. Soon I learned many words, and they also learned to talk English good, just equal to 20% of the English which was a wonderful thing. He invited me to his party once and I made many friends there, and that means I owe him one. So, I invited him to the party after a few days, and he also made many friends at the party. Even though language can be a barrier sometimes that does not mean you cannot connect with others. Spending time with them helped me learn some of the Korean words, and I liked it too. In the end, we became best friends, which we thought was impossible at the

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