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ISU UST 490 - Time Assessment Handout

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Time Management:Time Management:The Time AssessmentAcademic Success Center Iowa State University Step 1:Calculate the number of hours for various commitments each week. Be honest!Average number of hours of sleep each night. 6 x 7 =42Average number of grooming hours per day. 3 x 7 =21Average number of hours for meals/snacks per day.(Include preparation time.)2 x 7 =14Average total travel time per weekday. 5x 5 =25Average total travel per weekend.10Number of hours per week for regularly scheduled functions (clubs, get-togethers, etc.)Average number of hours per day for chores, errands, extra grooming, etc.) 5 x 7 =356Number of hours of work per week.0Number of hours in class per week.4Number of hours studying per week.6Average number of hours per week in social activities.5Step 2:Add up the far right column. This is your total:Step 3:Subtract the total from 168:168 - =There are 168 hours in a week, no more, and no less.What was your initial reaction? How do you feel about the amount of time you have available each week?(Answer one or the other)If your number is positive, this number represents the number of hours each week that you have for additional studying or activities. What will you plan to spend more time on? OR If the number of negative, your regular commitments exceed the number of hours per week. What do you need to do to make up this time?1060 Hixson-Lied Student Success Center  515-294-6624  [email protected]

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