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RU 630 360 Direct Marketing - Week 1 Discussion

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Student IntroductionsWelcome! Please take some time to introduce yourself to the class.Describe your experience in digital advertising and promotions to date. Have you worked as a freelancer? Have you work at an ad agency? Please share with the class.Hello!My name is Megan Wagner and this is my last semester in the Digital Marketing Program at Rutgers. I’ve been looking forward to taking this class and am excited to get to know everyone! In terms of digital advertising and promotions experience, I have a little bit, but notenough to claim that I fully understand what it entails. I was able to work as a Marketing & Promotions Assistant at Cumulus Media, while pursuing my undergraduate degree. While there, I was able to assist in the advancement of digital campaigns, conduct research pertaining to social media efforts and the company’s customer journey experience via their website. I also dabbled in analytics and metrics through Google Analytics, which helped my team and I discover what resonated best with our viewers, and what types of advertisementsweren’t hitting the “mark”. This past summer, I was also able to intern as a full-time Digital Adoption Platform Intern at Ingram Micro. Through this position, I was tasked with creating promotional content internallythat would excite and stimulate Ingram associates about new digital changes coming to their workspaces in the upcoming weeks, that would transform the way they communicate online with their coworkers.Overall, I still have a lot to learn about Digital Advertising and Promotions, and can’t wait to fill my knowledge

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