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RU 630 360 Direct Marketing - Discussion Post & Responses

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Discussion #2 - Online to OfflineOutside of Amazon, please describe a great example of a brand that launched online and has grown to have offline store fronts now. What innovative things have they taken into the in-store experience?Feel free to include any supporting images and videos.--------------At least 300 words. Please try and submit your posts before Friday and read, and respond to your classmates’ posts. Return to the Discussion forum and read responses given to you by other students. Continue the dialogue throughout the week. A great example of a brand that launched online and has since grown to have offline store fronts includes Allbirds. Allbirds is a shoe retailer focused on making sustainable footwear and apparel, in hopes of reducing our environmental impact as a society. In 2018, LinkedIn named Allbirds one of their top startups. Therefore, it’s crazy to look back and see that what started as a digital startup has turned into an offline presence! Allbirds has decided to take a swing at the brick and mortar approach by opening up large flagship stores in various cities all over the nation. The main aspect of what makes Allbirds different from any other shoe store is the materials that they use to create such a comfortable shoe. Once it began to circulate around the internet the unique types of sustainable materials (wool, eucalyptus, sugar cane, etc) being put into a shoe, Allbirds went viral and revenue began to skyrocket. This created all new opportunities for the company to try. Therefore, the main reasoning behind opening up an in-person store is so that consumers can touch and feel these shoes to get a better understanding of just how comfortable “sugar cane shoes” can feel. In other words, this gives them a better idea of what it is they are exactly buying and using. Some innovative things that Allbirds is implementing into their in-store experience includes having influencer pop-ups around the general area of the store. They also have brand ambassadors at each store, ready to greet you, give you a full in-person run down of what makes Allbirds so great, and gives you all the time in the world to try on each pair of shoe you would like, as well as view the Rarebirds: shoes that come in colors hard-to-find, soon-to-be-retired, or exclusive to specific location. All of these aspects create reasons as to why visiting their in-store location is worth every minute of commute, and every penny that you spend once able to try on those items you have saved in your

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