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RU 630 360 Direct Marketing - Online Ecosystem Growth

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Online Ecosystem Growth● In 2020, there was over $136 B spent in the US, on Digital Advertising.● Overtime, we see a positive growth for digital marketing spending, and a negative growth for traditional advertising spending.● Internet advertising spending in the US from 2016 to 2024, it continues to grow. ○ By 2024, there should be $152.97 B spent in the US.● Search, banner, social and video are all growing in terms of digital advertising spending. (Search on top)● Huge shift in desktop to mobile form 2016 to 2024.○ In the past, it was desktop heavy. Now mobile is growing and surpassing the desktop craze.● Online E-Commerce Business○ How Big is This Shift?■ $120 B Estimated 2020 Spend○ (Example) Target had over $100 B in 2020 Sales Online■ Contributes to 8% of Sales (Online Sales Contribution)○ (Other Examples) Walmart, The Home Depot, GAP● Businesses Transitioning From Online E-Commerce to Brick & Mortar○ Amazon (bookstore, grocery store/Amazon-go, etc.)○ Sephora (experiences regarding makeup, fragrances,

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