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After looking through Mint Mobile’s current search strategy, it’s apparent there are strengths and weaknesses present. In summary, to drive more clicks and engagement to their website, itis recommended that Mint Mobile continue their approach of using Text Search Ads, as well as work to improve the types of keywords they use, and refine what it is they’d like to specifically target. As outlined in the screenshot above, they utilize the Text Search Ads correctly and efficiently. There is an evident headline text, display URL and description text when appearing below Google search results. Text Search Ads, in general, provides Mint Mobile maximum coverage, while acting as simple A/B testing that is easy to launch, and can translate well on both mobile and desktop.When it comes to the type of Search Keyword Types that are used, branded terms are great asthey can assist consumers in learning more about Mint Mobile’s brand, its products and where they can buy from. However, it would be wise for them to expand their keywords to non-brand search keywords as well. Some examples that come to mind include “affordable phone plans”, “wireless service”, and “cell phone deals”. These more generic searches allow Mint Mobile to extend its reach to new consumers looking for information, advice and inspiration on best phone plans to choose from.Lastly, it would be beneficial for Mint Mobile to hone in on more targeting efforts in their search. Location targeting is great when having a certain country in mind, but why not go further and define your search by cities, and zip codes? There are tons of other targeting components, such as language targeting, device targeting, ad schedule targeting, and people targeting. By utilizing some of these targeting components, Mint Mobile could find more consumers who, for example, speak Spanish, use tablets for a majority of the time, or go online during the day.By expanding the types of search ads used, different forms of targeting are implemented, and various keywords are added to Mint Mobile’s search strategy, it can help lead to more engagement and new clicks

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