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RU 630 360 Direct Marketing - Video Opportunities

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Video Opportunities● Digital Video Viewership Grows and Reaches a Majority!● YouTube and Facebook continue to dominate○ Because social media video viewing grows.● Video Subscriptions Skyrocket○ But Video Advertising Grows…● Where are the opportunities?○ Digital Video■ Sight, sound color, motions in video commercials■ Opportunity to target granularly■ Ability to buy in real-time and launch same-day■ Ability to optimize all the time ● Digital Video Formats include:○ Pre-roll (desktop/mobile/tablet/connected tv)○ Social (desktop/mobile/tablet)○ Display (desktop/mobile/tablet)■ Abc■ National geographic■ Nbc■ Youtube■ Etc.● Cons○ At times can be more expensive than TV○ Need expertise on how to effectively buy online & measure○ Each platform has different buying types as well as different terms so it can require a lot of resources to effectively buy video online.■ YouTube● Skippable● TrueView● Bumpers● Non-skippable■ Facebook/Instagram● In-Stream● Feed● Stories■ Twitter● Feed○ Case Study: Josh Cellars■ To increase brand awareness and purchase intent over the winter holiday season, the California winegrower ran a mix of Facebook and Instagram ad formats and placements, and saw an 11.5-point life in adcall.Building Digital Creative for Audiences● Why Digital Creative Matters○ Good creative is good for business○ Percent sales contribution:■ Creative = 49%■ Media = 36%■ Brand = 15%● YouTube Framework: CONNECT○ Creative excellence■ A = Attract● Hook consumer attention & get them to tune in■ B = Brand ● Help consumers see/hear your brand■ C = Connect● Make them think or feel something about your brand■ D = Direct● Get them to take action○ Attract■ There are 4 key elements that are important in an ad’s opening moments to hook your audience from the start● Frame○ Use tight framing on the subject whether its a product or a person● Pace○ Aim for 2+ shots in first 5 seconds● Humanize○ If people appear in video, open with them on-screen. And if it fits with your storyline, have them address youraudience directly.● Surprise○ Use stunning, delightful, unexpected, or otherwise memorable imagery.○ Brand■ Naturally integrated products, logos and audio cues are particularly important elements to land your brand.● Introduce○ Introducing your product or brand in the first 5 seconds is positively correlated with all brand metrics● Mention○ Audio mentions of your brand by people on-screen are associated with better results than audio mentions by people off-screen. ● Reinforce○ Logo placement matters -- and the most effective placement depends on your marketing objective.● Differentiate○ How visuals and colors are unique to your brand.○ Connect■ Storytelling style, message, people and audio are key to keep people watching - - and make them think or feel.● Integrate○ Use function and emotion as levers that work together -- or independently -- to engage viewers. Functional storytelling works!● Engage○ Lean into emotional levers like action, humor or intriguewhen it works for your brand.● Associate○ Make people core to the story. People help hook viewers in an ad’s opening moments and facilitate connection.○ Direct■ Audio and visuals are key elements to reinforce your message and encouraging your viewers to act● Prompt○ Show offers and call-to-action through text cards, simple animation or voiceover● Inspire○ Use offers that inspire a sense of urgency -- for example, a limited timeframe or limited units available.● Compel○ Use specific calls-to-action (e.g., Visit site, Sign up, Buynow) or include a search bar● Every platform, even digital is

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