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RU 630 360 Direct Marketing - Audio Opportunities

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Audio Opportunities● Digital Audio is surpassing linear radio.● How to Buy Digital Media on Audio Platforms○ Audio■ Standard■ Dynamic■ Sequential○ Video■ Launching video ads when users are using an application and maybe want an audio ad free hour○ Display■ Display overlays including dynamic and rich media○ Content■ Sponsoring content like podcasts and customized stations○ Events■ Live event sponsorships like iHeardRadio, Pandora Live, etc.○ Takeovers■ Homepage takeovers to skin places like Spotify’s overall application look● The Pros of Buying Digital Audio for Your Brand○ Customization of sponsorships and packages○ Granular Targeting○ Low Costs on Creative/Promotion○ Ability to have High Frequencies● The Cons of Buying Digital Audio for Your Brand○ Higher Costs for media vs traditional○ Audio only○ Short memory span; focus elsewhere○ Not guaranteed in-marketDigital Sequential Messaging● What is Video Ad Sequencing?○ Sequencing campaigns optimize for frequency. This drives maximal brand lift,at more efficient costs per lifted user, across skippable and non-skip formats.○ With video ad sequencing, you can tell your product or brand story by showing people a series of videos in order that you define.○ Use video ad sequence campaigns to build interest, reinforce a message, or create a unifying theme.● Sequence campaigns are uniquely optimized to drive higher frequencies by finding users most likely to complete your sequence.● Frequency drives higher lift○ Across all Video ad sequencing campaigns in April to October, higher frequency drove higher absolute brand lift. ● Methods of using Video Ad Sequence to drive higher lift○ Single-asset○ Creative orchestration○ Storytelling● Ads perform better together● Thinking through how to use sequencing in your next campaign○ Tailor your creatives based on your marketing

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