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UIUC ENGL 103 - Quick Write 5

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I went outside of the school building for a smoke. I always loved the first smoke of the day. The fresh morning air and tranquility to my mind. A meditation of sorts. I also used it as an excuse to hang out and chat with my friends. As I lit my cigarette, Justin passing by in his black BMW, just rolling slowly. He rolled the window down, "Hey, Dud. Why so down in the mouth this morning?" "Just the first drag of the day. Nothing major." I answered. He noticed my book bag over my shoulder, "You going to school?" "Yep, it seems so." Neither of us said anything for a minute. Justin then changed the subject and said, "Hey, you got a date for the Homecoming dance?" Homecoming is coming up soon. The school is always flooded with dances. You constantly would see advertisements and posters of pretty girls dressed in pink, showing off their legs and their breasts. There were also dances to send your love to the Apple League alumni or if you just wanted to go to a hot young girl. I started to think the same way Justin did, "Hell yeah, why isn't there a girl staring my way." "We're all looking. Even the center is stacked with girls. The options are limitless. When I saw your book bag, I thought you had a date. I went to the office and asked the secretary about it." Justin said. "Nope; still working on getting a date. And just to answer your question, no, there isn't. My friends and I just like to talk about them."I lied. "Well, when that hottie came by, her friend and I just stared at her. She was so pretty. I just wanted to askher if she wanted to go with me to the movies." Justin mentioned. "Well, you know what to do, just run in and ask. It could work." I laughed. Justin drove off. The same cold morning emotionless. I went back inside and found most of my friends gone. Only a few hung around. Conversations taking over the room. All the while, new dirty jokes and other stupid things being said. Calling each other with the newest Internet celebrity and the world of discovery. I felt so tired of it all, but I hung around to keep up with the new internet topics. The last topic was about the new social network, Snapchat. I thought to myself, "Who the hell wants to be bothered having to log onto Facebook, or Whatsapp every day?" I had gotten myself so busy in school, that this was not aquestion I really had to take

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