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UIUC ENGL 103 - Quick Write 4

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It was the time when the ISS was captured by the human pirates in their flagship F-14. The three pilots of the fighter jet disregarded the flashing signal on the space station's main panel and flew into the seal with the support of the forward cannons. The large transport was clearly suffering from the gunfire as its shields began toshut down one by one, so the four fighters had to work hard to avoid the attack of the human shields. Commander Bubbles was in the middle of the formation and stealthily approached the command deck of the carry together with the other two. The common attack-run procedure was that the FLAK and Cannons deals with the shields, so Bubbles and his buddies would only need to concentrate on their primary targets. The three fighters were about to head for the bridge, next to the command deck, when a big door suddenly opened beneathBubbles and the other two craft, and two huge creatures were thrown out. Luckily for the pilots, the air was breathable in space, so they only suffered from the shock of seeing the two creatures falling into the abyss and not being able to pull them up. “What the hell is that?!”, Captain Link exclaimed. “I've never seen animals like that before!”. “The Gravity is the same as in Earth, so the creatures are not adapted to this kind of sea life, o.k…”, Lieutenant Bubbles said, “I wonder why they are thrown out of the ship like this… they’re cuddly-wuddly or something… Oh! I see! Remote executions!” “What?”, Captain Link was a little bit confused. “No—thing.”, Bubbles said and turned his fighter back towards the command deck of the slave ship. “What are they planning?”, Captain Link asked a little bit worriedly. “They’re just killing them, o.k.”, Bubbles tried to reassure. “When you’re a giant, you might be a good target for the magic of the world you’re on…” They finally reached the door to the bridge when Captain Link grabbed the handrails to hold himself in the space transport. “What the…”, he said, with a bad drawing-a-blank expression on his

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