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UIUC ENGL 103 - Quick Write 2

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I live in a town in a very beautiful place, but unfortunatly without mountain and rivers, but with a rich history. As a child and teen, I spent a lot of time in the local library, and the librarians, who were the best in town, helped me with my study. We were a class of 5, I was the oldest and was 16. The next oldest was 12, and the others were 10, 9 and 8. I started my exams at 12, and got very good results. The other kids were behind me, because of school, illness, and some just liked to play with their friends instead of study. So they started later, and they went to school in winter when I went in summer. (go to school part) I loved school, especially when we played draughts or chess and could get among the best. All the kids in school, from my class, were all doing very well, so when I graduated at 16, everybody was in my graduation party, and most were jealous of my results. But 5 months later, I had to start my studies at the university. I wanted to coform my exam. I had my high school results and a 3A2 merit. I also had a talk with my uncle, who was a teacher and graduated all his life, and he told me that, before I could go to college, I had to have over 6C, so I could stay in the university. I was very worried. But I got a job, and worked a lot, with output and activity, so I could pay the copy and get mymarks. Soon I had new marks, and did excellent. I had a 6B1. The same result as my dad did when he graduated.So I was very proud of my result. But I had to start my studies. So I went to the university and did my 4 years of study. I knew I was good in maths, so I did a bachelors degree in mathematics. But I liked literature and art too, so I did a second one, in history and art. My average was over 9.8, and I had a final grade of 10A1. Most of my teachers passed their exam, but because they were not paid professional teachers, they could not have a professional exam. I was the only one who passed the exam of

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