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Marvel’s movie, Captain America: The First Avenger, can be considered a myth of modern myths. It depicts a hero, Captain America, who fights for good, defeats evil, and does other heroic deeds. The hero Captain America also inspires belief in good and patriotism for people. Initially the character starts out ambitiously even though he is not in the best physical shape to serve his country, but things work out and he gets to his dream. Such a story makes people believe in themselves and in miracles and the power of determination. It also inspires leadership in people. We are believe/led to believe in happy endings, in the fruit after work; the story of Captain America is something similar. The story reinforces the idea of things working themselves out if a person tries hard enough with sufficient determination. Happy Endings and the success of strong-willed people are a sort of pattern; most of the successful people, though talented, have usually worked hard and sacrificed a lot. The story/myth of Captain America reinforces that idea. It works to depict the pattern of how success is a product of work and dedication, and not just

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