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UIUC CLCV 115 - Lecture Prep 4

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1. The five rivers, Styx, Acheron, Cocytus, Phlegethon, and Lethe, symbolise hatred, woe, wailing, fiery, and forgetfulness. Acheron is said to bend in the dark marsh, Styx’s forests are not for the living and only the most passionate about the underworld and the dead can go towards the Styx. Cocytus is said to be dark and nothing else. Phlegethon is a river that burnsand Lethe makes the dead forget their living memories. These rivers ensure that the dead pass right into the underworld.2. Otus and Ephialtes were seen; they had attempted to tear the heaven down. Salmoneus haddriven four horses and held a torch in order to mimic the honor reserved only for gods. He was struck by Zeus using a cyclone. Tityus was the foster son of All-Parent Earth and was stretched over nine acres with a vulture eating his undying liver for eternity.3. Elysium has a sun and stars and night with a surrounding that is relaxed and great. The people in Elysium play on fields and dance and sing with each other. The ones in Elysium enjoy their time which is appealing to me.4. Those people go to the Lethe river and after a thousand years their memories are finally erased so that they can begin a new life as their sadness in washed away in the thousand years and then can begin a new

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