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UIUC CLCV 115 - Lecture Prep 3

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Q1.According to Homer, Ganymede was the offspring of Tros and was from Troy. He was also decribed as one of the most beautiful mortals who was abducted by gods to serve Zeus' cup bearer. Due to the abduction, Tros received fine horses.( Iliad5.265ff, Homer).%In Ovid's version, Jupiter takes Ganymede from the ground in the shape ofan eagle(Bk X:143-219 Orpheus, Metamorphoses). Ganymede's story is also briefly mentioned when Orpheus sings.Q2.Hera supports the Acheans while Zeus supports the Trojans which leads to dispute during the war in the mortal world. Hephaesteus, an Olympian God, calms the dispute by advising Hera to not get affected by mortal disputes(Illiad, Book 1:568-611). Then Hera devises a plan to distract Zeus and gets a breastband from Aphrodite which makes Zeus passionate and he makes love to her and this results in Poseidon helping Trojans win the war without Zeus' intervention.(Illiad 14. 190-250)Q3.Hera is portrayed by both as someone who is cunning, smart, and mischievous. This is because she is able to trick Zeus, the king of Gods, and is also clever enough to get her goals achieved. As someone married to the King of Gods, she obviously has a lot of power, but as both Ovid and Homer hint, it is also her mindthat adds to her immense strength and power to get her

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