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UIUC CLCV 115 - Lecture Prep 2

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Q1: One of the most significant similarities is the way Hesiod and Genesis describe the state before the creation of Earth. It is described like a void or chaos from which the respective powerful beings created life. Both works show how sacrifices are a way humans have tried to prove their worth to God(s). Both the works show how nature is a blessing for humans.Q2: In both the works, there is darkness and chaos before the creation began by God. It is also important to note that light exists in both the myths before any stars. Genesis creation story spans over 6 days and Enuma Elish also has a creation story over six days or as they call it in the myths, ‘Generations’ of gods.Q3: There are two very distinct stories of creation in Chapter 1 and the other in Chapter 2 of Genesis.The first one comes from the Priestly Document and the second from the Jevohistic Document. In thefirst story humans are created last and woman is created with man; however, in the second story, man is created first and woman just as an afterthought. The first story describes humans as a consequence and the second describes everything else a consequence of the creation of man.Q4: Yes, they emphasize the different aspects of human existence. The Chinese myths talk of Yin-Yang and the existence of opposites. They also show how humans’ existence is not unique rather humans were created along with Earth. This is similar to Indian(Hindu) myths which show that the worldly aspects of human existence were created along with them. Korean myths differ in the sense that the Earth and humans already exist. However, they emphasize how special a being a human is. This story also emphasizes the creation of different animals and the other earthly parts like

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