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TOWSON FIN 331 - Study Guide for Exam 2

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FIN 331 Study Guide for Midterm II Nov.10th (Chapters 6, 7, 8) I. Format: 25- 30 Multiple choice questions. II. Exam Policy ▪ Students are required to take the exams at the scheduled time. Arrangements for missing exams will only be made under university-accepted reasons. You must notify me 24 hours in advance and provide valid, written documentation. If excused, the weight of the midterm will transfer to the final exam. Failure to provide advance notification will result in a zero on the exam. ▪ You may use the equation sheet provided by the instructor during the exam. You are not allowed to use any other resource or material, including but not limited to, your cellphone, online resources and communicating with others. ▪ Academic Integrity: Students are expected to behave according to the Academic Integrity Policy as specified in the undergraduate and graduate catalogs. Ignorance of the policy is not a valid reason for committing an act of academic dishonesty. If you are caught cheating, you will receive a zero for the exam. An incident report will be filed with Office of Student Conduct and Civility Education. A second violation will result in an ‘F’ for the course. III. Study Advice ▪ Work and re-work problems from class slides, BluePrint and End of Chapter assignments. ▪ Go back over slides and notes; use book to fill in gaps. ▪ Use “Test Prep” in MindTap platform for additional practice. IV. Relevant Materials a. Class Notes b. Assignments c. Textbook V. Contents by Chapter ❖ Chapter 6 Interest Rates 6-1 The Cost of Money 6-3 The Determinants of Market Interest Rates 6-4 The Term Structure of Interest Rates ❖ Chapter 7 Bonds 7-1 Who Issues Bonds? 7-2 Key Characteristics of Bonds 7-3 Bond Valuation 7-4 Bond Yields 7-5 Changes in Bond Values over Time7-6 Bonds with Semiannual Coupons 7-7 Assessing a Bond’s Riskiness 7-8 Default Risk ❖ Chapter 8 Risk and Rates of Return 8-1 The Risk-Return Trade-Off 8-2 Stand-Alone Risk 8-3 Risk in a Portfolio Context: The CAPM 8-4 The Relationship between Risk and Rates of Return 8-5 Some Concerns about Beta and the CAPM 8-6 Some Concluding Thoughts: Implications for Corporate Managers and Investors VI. Additional practice: Use “Test Prep” in MindTap platform for additional practice. 1. Start with any chapter folder. For example, “Chapter 1: An Overview of Financial Management”. Click the arrow on the right to show all content folders. 2. Under “Practice and Test Prep”, click “Ch 01- Adaptive Test Prep - An Overview of Financial Management”. A new window will pop up as “Create a New Test”. 3. In the new window, select the chapters/contents listed above in VI. 4. On the right side, enter the number of questions you want in your practice set. The default setting is 10. 5. Click on the blue button “Take Test Now” to start the

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