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1. Consistency in filing is especially important because it helps other people find the records and not justthe person that originally files them and it also makes the process of retrieving them easier and they are more accurate as well as organized.2. Indexing is important because it makes filing faster and more accurate for the filer to store the records.3. In personal names the key unit is the surname.4. The key unit of a business is determined by looking at the letterhead or the trademark. Businesses are usually indexed in as-written order.5. d,b,c,a7. Yes, if there are too many cross-references' things could get highly organized and cluttered and it could also make retrieving the files difficult8. two names that would be an example for a cross reference could be alexander Campbell and Mary Ella9. Two business names that could be cross referenced would be “Sonic drive-in" and “Zucker and Ewen

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