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RU 830 340 - Abnormal Psych Quiz- Schizophrenia

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1. Hallucinations and delusions are Positive symptoms of Schizophrenia2. Which neurotransmitter is known to be hyperactive in those with schizophrenia?a. Dopamine3. Marta has an unhealthy obsession with the actor Brad Pitt. Every time she watches one ofhis movies she believes he is acting for her. She is suffering from…a. Delusions4. Standing in a statue like position for hours is calleda. Catatonia5. Flat affect is a Negative symptom of schizophrenia6. What did Freud call mothers of those with schizophreniaa. Schizophrenogenic mothers7. What type of therapy is not used to treat schizophreniaa. DBT8. It is easy for schizophrenics to be involved with therapy immediatelya. False9. A schizophrenic’s meds work so well that the patient stops taking them but becomeswithdrawn and unable to focus in school. What type of schizophrenia is this?a. Residual10. What is the movement disorder that is a known side effect of long use of antipsychoticsa. Tardive

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