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ASU BIO 202 - Myeloid stem cells

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Myeloid stem cells give rise to1. Eosinophils2. Basophils3. Neutrophils4. MonocytesLymphoid stem cells give rise to1. LymphocytesLymphocytes have 3 types:T cells:-act against virus-infected cells & tumor cells(trained in Thymus when you're a baby)B cells:-give rise to plasma cells (which produce antibodies)Natural killer (NK) cells:-similar to T cellsWhat are Erythrocytes?red blood cellsWhere are Erythrocytes made?red bone marrow"Erythrocytes are bags of ____"hemoglobinLife span of Erythrocytes:100-120 daysMain function of RBC:carry oxygenUpgrade to remove adsOnly $35.99/yearWhat molecule allows RBCs to carry oxygen?hemoglobin3 functions of RBCs:1. carry O22. carry CO23. major contributor to blood viscosityHematopoiesisaka "Hemopoiesis"-blood cell formationHemocytoblasts:hematopoietic stem cells-give rise to all formed elementsErythropoiesisformation of RBCsThrombopoiesisformation of plateletsWhat is EPO?ErythropoietinWhere is EPO made?Kidneys(and to some extent the liver)EPO function:Stimulates RBC production in red bone marrowWhat is Anemia?A condition in which the blood has low O2 carrying capacityUpgrade to remove adsOnly $35.99/yearSigns of Anemia:1. Fatigue2. Paleness3. Shortness of breath4. Chills5.

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