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ASU BIO 202 - Anemia

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Causes of Anemia:1. Insufficient erythrocytes2. Low hemoglobin content3. Abnormal hemoglobinWhat is Polycythemia?excess of RBCsWhy can Polycythemia be dangerous?it increases blood viscosity which could lead to stroke or heart attackWhich blood types can receive blood from Type A donors-Type A-Type ABWhich types of blood can individuals with Type A receive?-Type A-Type ODoes + or - make a difference? Why?Rh factor matters: Rh- should not receive blood from Rh+What are Leukocytes?WBCsLeukocytes function:Fight infectionIn what way are Leukocytes very different from Erythrocytes(in terms of their cell structure)Leukocytes are complete cells,unlike RBCs which have no nuclei and organellesWhere do Leukocytes spend most of their time?-tissues of the body-fighting pathogens-use blood as the "subway" system to get where they are goingWBC Differential sayingNever Laugh at Monkeys Eating BananasNeutrophilsLymphocytesMonocytesEosinophilsBasophils5 main types of Leukocytes:1. Neutrophils2. Lymphocytes3. Monocytes4. Eosinophils5. BasophilsNeutrophil %60-70%Lymphocyte %25-33%Monocyte %3-8%Eosinophil %2-4%Basophil %<1%Granulocytes live for ____ after leaving

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