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granulocytes live for ____yearsWhich types of Leukocytes are "granulocytes"?1. Neutrophils2. Eosinophils3. BasophilsWhich types of Leukocytes are "argranulocytes"?1. Monocytes2. LymphocytesNeutrophil function:bacterial infectionsEosinophil function:parasitic wormsBasophil function:release histamine to vasodilateLymphocyte function:immunityMonocyte function:macrophagesWhat is Leukopoiesis:production of WBCsWhere does Leukopoiesis take place?red bone marrowIs Leukopoiesis triggered by a hormone?it is stimulated by the presence of pathogens, not by a specific hormoneWhat are Platelets?fragments of megakaryocytesPlatelet function:hemostasis to form the platelet plug (clot blood)Define hemostasis:series of steps that take place to stop bleedingFibrin forms a ____ for formed elements (RBCs, WBCs, platelets)net3 principle mechanisms of Hemostasis:1. vascular spasm (squeeze it)2. formation of platelet plug (plug it)3. coagulation (clot it)Why would Asprin be prescribed for some heart conditions?it functions as a

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