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Terms in this set (18)OriginalThe Story of Muscle Contraction1. Nerve action potential causes ACh to release2. ACh binds to postsynaptic receptors, opening Na+ channels on sarcolemma3. Influx of Na+ ions causes muscle action potential (MAP)4. AChE hydrolyzes ACh, destroying it5. MAP opens Ca2+ release channels in SR, Ca2+ floods sarcoplasm6. Ca2+ binds to troponin-tropomyosin, exposing myosin binding site7. Myosin binds to actin, power stroke pushes thin filaments past thick filaments, musclecontracts8. Ca2+ release channels close, Ca2+ pump restores Ca2+ concentration gradient in SR9. Troponin-tropomyosin slides back into place, blocking myosin binding sites10. Muscle stops contractingArthrosisa joint(an area where two bones are attached for the purpose of motion of body parts)JointA place in the body where two bones come together-holds the skeleton together-gives the skeleton mobilityArticulationjointFunctional classifications of joints:1. Synarthrosis2. Amphiarthrosis3. DiarthrosisSynarthrosis (functional classification):immovable jointAmphiarthrosis (functional classification):slightly movable jointDiathrosis (functional classification):freely moveable jointStructural classifications of joints:1. Fibrous2. Cartilaginous3. SynovialFibrous joints:held together by fibrous connective tissue4 Fibrous joints:1. Suture2. Synostosis3. Syndesmosis4. GomphosisSuture (synarthrosis)-fibrous joint-between bones of SKULL(when the bones in a suture completely fuse it becomes a synostosis)00:0501:07Upgrade to remove adsOnly $35.99/yearSynostosis-fibrous joint-when bones in a suture COMPLETELY FUSE-occurs at epiphyseal lines of long bonesSyndesmosis (amphiarthrosis)-fibrous joint-interosseous membrane between tibia & fibulaGomphosis (synarthrosis)-fibrous joint-teeth in AVEOLAR process-periodontal ligament-periodontal disease2 Cartilaginous joints1. Synchondrosis2. SymphysisSynchondrosis (synarthrosis)-cartilaginous joint-hyaline

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