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What is blood?a fluid of connective tissueWhat are the two principle components of blood?-formed elements-plasmaPhysical characteristic of blood:1. Sticky2. Opaque3. Viscous fluid4. Metallic tasteBlood is "scarlet red" when it isO2 richBlood is "dark red" when it isO2 poorTemperature of blood38 CBlood is ____% of body weight~8%Volume of blood in males:5-6 litersVolume of blood in females:4-5 litersBlood plasma is ___% water90%Blood that has been spun in a centrifuge-plasma 55%-buffy coat (composed of WBCs & platelets)-RBCs 45%Plasma is "_____ colored"strawUpgrade to remove adsOnly $35.99/yearHematocrit:percent of blood volume that is RBCs45%-males: 47%-females:42%Buffy coat contains:WBCs & platelets<1% of whole bloodIs blood pressure is lower in veins or arteries?veins3 main categories of plasma proteins?1. Albumin2. Globulins3. Fibrogens(all 3 proteins determine osmolarity & osmotic pressure)Albumin:Makes up 60% of plasma proteinsFunction:-transporter for (fatty acids, hormones, ions, nutrients)-buffers pH-contributes to blood viscosityHas GREATEST impact in determining:-osmolarity-osmotic pressureGlobulins:Makes up 36% of plasma proteinsIncludes:-Lipoproteins-Complement proteins-Antibodies-Other functional

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ASU BIO 202 - What is blood?

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