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ACU HSC 3032 - Philosophy of Health Education Worksheet

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Philosophy of Health Education WorksheetInstructions:Using the prompt in the left column, provide your responses within the space provided in the right columnDescribe what “health” means to you (minimum 3 sentences)I would describe health as the balance and well being of one’s physical, mental, and social interactions. Health care workers are appointed to help individuals in each of those aspects in terms of health. With complete participation by both parties health can be achieved through the knowledge of medicine and the empathy of public health. Describe what you “value” the most (i.e., friendships, family, your health,etc)My initial answer was “my dog” however I realize that was justthe beginning and it’s much deeper than that. As someone who has had to go through life alone, I genuinely value each and every living thing on this planet. I value every being I comeacross no matter our who or what they are. That is why I valuehealth and medicine, because it’s the healing of every living thing.In regards to the above prompt, please describe WHY you value this the mostI genuinely could never understand the concept of deliberatelycausing harm or just simply being selfish. I’ve always been ableto empathize with every being I come across because I physically can’t not do it. If it’s breathing, I value itDescribe what “health education” means to you (minimum 5 sentences)Health education is defined by the overall goal of improving the well being of all populations by aiding in the promotion of current health concepts. Health education begins with health literacy and prioritizing equal access to health education/literacy resources to all populations. By considering all the underlying and prominent social, economic, and physical factors in all populations. Health educators and workers must assess each patients situation individually in order to ensure the proper information and treatment to all populations.What does it mean to be an “effective” health educator?In the spaces below, list three characteristics one needs to be an “effective” health educatorFor each characteristic, describe why this is needed. For example: Characteristic 1: TrustworthyAn effective health educator should be trustworthy as they serve as resources for credible health information.Characteristic 1 Empathetic Characteristic 2 PatientCharacteristic 3 Diligent Describe what role health education As a future medical doctor I would like to use my healthplays in regards to your future background to bridge the gaps in health disparities in the plastic surgery industry. Describe how you will improve people’s lives through effective health educationHow does health education influence the way you believe, think,and act?Health education drives me to consider the mental, social, andphysical factors that may keep my patient from being at their best state. Using health education I will be sure to guide my patient to the best resources and give them the correct information for their particular circumstance. For example, most capsular contracture patients are victims of either malpractice or poor medical resources, both a direct result of living in low income communities. Therefore I would consider my patients' entire situation in and outside of my office when trying to ensure health literacy in any circumstance. Find and cite an inspirational quote that is personal to you - this can come from anywhere (from a friend,family member, celebrity, sports legend, etc)Describe why this quote is inspirational to you”The only thing that separates beings is how they interact withother beings.” - Jeffery Hector My dad is the reason I am the way I am and I couldn’t thank him enough. If I had literally anyone else as a father my mother would’ve turned me into a corporate

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