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Hochwarter Test 2 Study Guide1. Hostile Environment Sexual Harassment is defined as:- Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature. Unwelcome sexual conduct that unreasonably interferes with an individual’s jobperformance or creates a hostile, intimidating, or offensive work environment. Hostile environment sexual harassment might include:- repeated requests for sexual favors - demeaning sexual inquiries and vulgarities - offensive language - other verbal or physical conduct of sexual or degrading nature - sexually offensive, explicit or sexist signs, cartoons, calendars, literature or photographs displayed in plain view - offensive and vulgar graffiti 2. Percent of woman being harassed:Women are nine times more likely than men to quit jobs because of sexual harassment, five times more likely to transfer and three times more likely to lose jobs- 19% of 2,000 attorneys reported that they have received unwanted sexual attention. - 77% of female family physicians reported sexual harassment by their patients- Of those harassed : • 43% were harassed by a supervisor • 27% were harassed by an employee senior to them • 19% were harassed by a coworker at their level • 8% were harassed by a junior employee 3. What should you do if you’re being harassed?: - Don’t blame yourself- Object! Tell your harasser to stop- Keep a log of diary of harassment behavior- Don’t suffer in silence- Talk to friends and family- Talk to co-workers- Talk to union steward- Take formal action through the union or employer grievance procedure- Insist that the proposed "solution" does not adversely affect you. (don’t let them make you change instead of the harasser)4. Love Contracts:- “love contract”—a document providing written confirmation from both participants that the romantic relationship is voluntary and that they understand the company’s sexual harassment policies.- PROBLEMS: o Difficult to enforceo Sets up employers for legal issueso One may claim that they felt coerced into signing it in the first place or that it doesn’t protect against future occurrences5. Sexual Harassment trends in the US seem to have been declining since the peak in 1997 because the lawsuits for sexual harassment have decreased, but experts say that these numbers are misleading. Changes in the recent years:- More companies are requiring new hires to agree to arbitrate complaints, including sexual harassment, as a condition of getting a job.- Companies are much more likely to take action (including firing) against harassers than they were 20 or even 10 years ago.- There are more claims against inappropriate remarks/emails/texts now. Before most claims were from pressure to have sex for a promotion or raise. Key Point: “Sexual harassment claims are down, but the stats are misleading. More cases are being privately arbitrated.”6. Who is doing the attacking at work? What are the statistics?- 44% is the customer (#1 attacker)- 24% of attacks are by strangers- 20% are co-workers- 7% are bosses - 3% are former employees7. Violence in selected metropolitan areas:- Top 5 cities:- Washington DC area: 26%- Atlanta area: 25%- New York area: 24%- Los Angeles area: 23%- Houston area: 20%*UNITED STATES AS A WHOLE: 12% 8. FBI’s classifications of violence: (4 types)- Type 1: Violence in connection to robbery and other criminal acts- Type 2: Costumer/ client/ patient related violence- Type 3: Violence between co-workers- Type 4: Domestic violence spilling over to the workplace9. Risk factors associated with violence: - Contact with the public - Exchange of money - Delivery of passengers, goods, or services - Having a mobile workplace such as a taxicab or police cruiser - Working with unstable or volatile persons in health care, social service, or criminal justice settings - Working alone or in small numbers - Working late at night or during early morning hours - Working in high-crime areas - Guarding valuable property or possessions - Working in community-based settings- Drunk/stoned people10. Obvious ways companies can control violence:• Hire better, more background checks• Zero tolerance for violence• Spell the policy out in the handbook• No weapons on the premises• Drug and alcohol checks• Psychological testing during employment• Put posters everywhere11. “Positives’ of workplace gossip:- assists newcomers by helping them determine who wields the greatest power- can build bonds between co-workers and enhance the sharing of informationHow is gossip influenced by gender:- The amount of gossip is the same despite gender.- The topic of gossip is what is different between each gender. - Men gossip more about celebrities, sports figures, politicians, and casual acquaintances. - Women gossip more about family members and close friends.12. Moving back home has affected family relationships by:Moving in has been ____ for the relationship. - 25% Bad - 24% Good- 48% No differenceBoomerang kids contribute to the family by: - 96 % Helping with chores around the house- 75% Help contribute to household expenses- 35% Pay rent Have men and women contributed equally? : - Young men and young women are equally likely to say they do chores around the house and payrent.- However, more young women than young men say they contribute to household expenses13. Health consequences associated with guilt: - backaches and headachesHow to deal with guilt:- Change what it means to have it all, make a commitment to just hang out with your family or spouse, turn off your cell phone when you walk in your front door.14. Story of “a boy named Narcissus:- Once upon a time, there was a boy called Narcissus. He was the son of a god and he was very, very handsome. Many women fell in love with him, but he turned them away. One of the women who loved Narcissus was a nymph called Echo. Echo could not speak properly - shecould only repeat what was said to her, so she couldn't tell Narcissus that she loved him. One day, when Narcissus was walking in the woods with some friends, he became separated from them. He called out "Is anyone here?" Echo replied "Here, Here". Echo stepped forward with open arms, wanting to cuddle him. But Narcissus refused to accept Echo's love. Echo was so upset that she left and hid in a cave, until nothing was left of her, except her voice. The Maiden, a goddess, found out about this, and she was very angry. She made Narcissus fall in

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