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Religion Study Guide 04 28 2014 Idea of Hellenism Overall point to understand world culture in 2014 is to understand by Alexander the Great the point of Judaism and Greek Our culture is mix of the two o Christianity and Islam are also inherits of Greek culture What is G d o One hand impersonal invisible force that is behind the movement of nature planet no form of human being but force that directs Idea of the force from Greek mythology o Other hand passionate G d Anthropomorphic human life Apocrypha series of writings written by Jews in Hellenistic period included in Greek translation of Hebrew bible Separate books Most Christians as part of old testament Jews do not consider these books as part of Bible but give us a lot of information of period of Greeks and Romans 2 nd Maccabees Syria study originally written in Greek Maccabean Revolt began 167 with taking of Temple area by King of Took over area and made sanctuary for Zeus and forbade Jewish o Enforced participation of Jews in cult of Zeus o Judea s Maccabee retakes temple area reestablish worship of Jewish G d story of Hanukkah Conflict of Judaism and Hellenism Jews do win even though militarily achieved independence Hazmenian Kings from Judea still have Greek philosophy 2nd Maccabees transitional document Deuteronimistic view of history all of history interpreted people keeping Sinai covenant o Reward to punishment o How Maccabees reflect this view of history o Why do Jews have horrible things happen to them Because they left the covenant by adopting Greek ways and no longer following the covenant so G d punishes them and then fixes it 2nd Maccabees reflects Deuteronimsitic view of history punishes them strongly but with goal that they will repent o if they sin they are punished o how succeed Because they pray before every battle keep the Sabbath they are pious What happens to the Righteous ones that have died Persecuted and suffering because keeping terms of the covenant o Examples of people that repented Lead to nation being restored died for the nation 2nd Maccabees earliest lead shows that righteous individuals that suffered will be restored in the future reward in an afterlife o level of individual reward and punishment afterlife idea of why righteous die wicked might be prospering now but will suffer in afterlife o concept of Martyrdom deaths for the sake of G d special people undergo horrible impact on G d of people repenting concept of martyrs very important in Christianity and Islam Story of Judaism and Emergence of Christianity Apocalypticism o 1 Dualism idea sharp contrast in world between good and this world in control by evil powers ultimately run by kingdom of G d will be in control in next world o 2 Final Judgment Resurrection of the Dead appear between two worlds world of Stan and world of evil Satan G d proceeded by massive war in Good and evil o 3 End is Near believe your living in the end times worst things are closer you are to the end o 4 Eschatological having to do with the end how the world will end figure who is going to be a savior figure priest or king or prophet or angel or g d some type of savior figure defeat evil and rule forever o 5 Apocalypse revelation of the secrets of the end time Origins of Christianity as Apocalyspticism Jewish Movement Songs of Soloman example of Apocalytpic text o Essenes o Pharisees o Sadducees 3 sects philosophies found in works of Josephus major source for ancient Judaism in Greek and Roman period Jewish Christian Relations Important understand roots of Christianity and how it comes from Judaism and becomes a new religion Jesus and Paul Well within Judaism o People make claim consciously making a new religion o Saw himself as a Jews message to Jews primarily to other Jews o Message Apocalyptic world view G d was coming soon evil powers in the world would lose their power Satan would be defeated Jesus conquering kingdoms of Satan as bringing in kingdom of G d o Active in 30 s o Crucified by Romans under Pontius Pilot o Jesus as Apocalyptic preacher Paul creates a revolution Begins as persecutor of Church Religious experience Jesus appears to him to be a faithful follower Effective missionary goes through Greek Turkey and finds number of churches Church Greek word means assembly Ekklesia church Synagogue also means assembly Paul finds these churches his mission primarily to non Jews Preaching gospel good news of Jesus the Messiah to non Jews Believes Jesus will return soon apocalyptic You do not have to keep the commandments but have to act ethically Jesus o Righteousness not through the commandments but faith in o Mission to gentiles Paul believes Jesus was messiah 1st century not 2 separate religions but can easily develop as new idea Paul s Attitude towards Judaism Jews people who do not believe in Jesus as Messiah Romans 9 11 not anger at this point feels close kinship with Jews Theological Problem for Paul If G d promised Jewish people blessed through him and promises forever if Jews rejecting that then G d promise has failed maybe Gd not trustworthy with his promise Goes through a lot of arguments o Spiritual Israel argument o 11 5 Paul points out that promise was never to ALL Jews but promise was fulfilled only through remnant of people as long as some Jews accepted it then can t say physical Israel has failed o 11 11 G ds plan all along that Jews would reject the Gospel rejected Gospel so it would go to non Jews Jewish rejection necessary for salvation of entire world jealous Jews follow the bandwagon then promises will be fulfilled o Also concerned of non Jewish attitude toward Jews is concerning concerned about negative attitudes towards Jews o Uses analogy they are like olive trees now gentiles been grafted to the tree so they should not feel arrogant toward other Jews Comes full circle saying physical Israel will be saved as well all is not lost Jews can be saved fact remains Jews not people cursed forever should be persecuted but G ds people and will eventually come around and be treated with respect o Shouldn t persecute Jews Mathew Different world then Paul Jesus s sermon on the Mountain examples of his interpretation of Torah and what righteousness consists of Mathews position about Jesus s position is righteous comes from keeping commandments but not only through there written but from son of G d that s actually harder to keep o More difficult then have in Hebrew Bible requires more mercy Be merciful and forgiving in all types of situations Do G ds

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