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Manet not impressionist A Bar at the Folies Bergere dark paintings The Execution of Maxamillian The Barricade HUM 2250 Final Exam Study Guide Artists Monet impressionist En plein air Impression sunrise Morisot impressionist grand daughter of Fragonard Pissarro impressionist shadowy artwork Degas Dance Class paints horses women John Singer Sargent Gassed WWI because she is also wealthy Renoir paints light Luncheon of the Boating Party impressionist Paints about people beautiful parts of life Mary Cassatt In the Loge encourage industrialists to buy impressionist paintings Influence over wealthy people Paul Cezanne The Gulf of Mar Continues to paint outside Sees paintings in patches of color Paul Gaugin Day of the God business man Self promoter opened gallery Georges Seurat A Sunday on La Grande Jatte came up with pointlism Van Gogh Starry Night drew it from hospital window Rodin The Kiss Paris Salon wasn t allowed to show in Paris Toulouse Lautrec beginning of the post impressionist Munch Scream Klimt Judith I Picasso Les Demoiselles d Avignon and Girl Before a Mirror and Guernica Matisse Dance favored color known as fauve Braque Developed cubism Sculptor Kandinsky Russian painter Marc Der Blaue Reiter Duchamp sculptor and writer cubism and Dadaism Max Ernst The Master s Bedroom Dali The Persistence of Memory Works of Art The Barricade Manet The Execution of Maximilian Manet Impression Sunrise Monet Dance Class Degas Luncheon of the Boating Party Renoir A Bar at the Folies Bergere Manet In the Loge Cassatt A Sunday on La Grande Jette Seurat The Starry Night Wagner German roots refused 2nd act of ballet Tannhauser Offenbach Orpheus in the Underworld underworld parody can can Mussorgsky Russian Mighty 5 Boris Godunov Tchaikovsky 1812 overture Russian wrote about defeat of Napoleon in Moscow Father of writing for classical ballet The Kiss Rodin sculpture The Scream Munch Judith I Klimt Les Demoiselles d Avignon Picasso Dance Matisse fauve uses bazaar colors Gassed Sargent The Master s Bedroom Ernst Girl Before a Mirror Picasso The Persistence of Memory Dali Guernica Picasso Composers Musicians Verdi Rigoletto Swan Lake Sleeping Beauty The Nutcracker Debussy Afternoon of Faun Puccini Madame Butterfly realistic works tragic Stravinsky The Rite of Spring Louis Armstrong American Jazz trumpeter Duke Ellington American Composer Swing Music Includes Opera and Ballet Rigoletto Verdi Orpheus in the Underworld Offenbach Tannhauser Wagner Boris Godunov Mussorgsky 1812 Overture Tchaikovsky Swan Lake Tchaikovsky The Sleeping Beauty Tchaikovsky Nutcracker Tchaikovsky The Afternoon of a Faun Debussy Madame Butterfly Puccini Les Sylphides Fokine The Rite of Spring Stravinsky Choreographers Petipa Choreographed Swan Lake Nijinsky Choreographed Rite of Spring and Afternoon of a faun Fokine Les Sylphides Writers religious once he didn t have to face fire arms Tolstoy War and Peace Anna Karenina The Death of Ivan Ilyich Free Verse rhyming but not consistent pattern Father of Free Verse Kate Chopin The Awakening controversial about female adultery Ibsen Norwegian Father of Realism writes A Doll s House Mallarme Forerunner of literary symbolism Dostoyevsky Crime and Punishment Brother s Karamozow Writer part of the Petrashevsky circle He became Walt Whitman Leaves of Grass national poet started writing about immigrants not popular at the time He wrote in Darwin The Descent of Man justify imperialism Threw enlightenment out the window Conrad Heart of Darkness Remarque All Quiet on the Western Front William Butler Yeats The Second Coming James Joyce Ulysses inspired by Virginia Woolf F Scott Fitzgerald Gatsby Literary Works Crime and Punishment Dostovevsky The Death of Ivan Ilyich Tolstoy Anna Karenina Love story women commit suicide The Awakening Kate Chopin about female adultery The Descent of Man Darwin Heart of Darkness Conrad All Quiet on the Western Front Remarque Ulysses Joyce The Great Gatsby Fitzgerald A Doll s House Ibsen deals with women rejecting families abandon families Lumiere Brothers First to invent projectors D W Griffith Birth of a Nation glorify KKK Extremely racist Grossed 18 million dollars Banned in Chicago by Film mayor Eisenstein Montage of Battleship Linen petition him to do it Moves riots to steps of harbor and lots of people killed Greatest montage Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat Nickelodeons short clips in front of storefronts The Birth of a Nation DW Griffith Montage short clip that expand or constricts time The Battleship Potemkin Odessa Steps Sequence Einstein Movie Palaces 62 000 seats Studio System vertical integration monopoly own of production Rulers Influential People Bismarck Brought Germany together after Franco Prussian war Juarez King of Mexico Maximilian brother of Austrian empire Nicholas I Andrew Jackson Trail of Tears Diaghilev Created ballet rouse Archduke Franz Ferdinand assassinated Hitler facist Consolidates power in 1933 USA recognizes Soviet Union Facism everything in country is the best thing dictatorship Wrote Mein Kempf which means my struggle Stalin comes to power in 1924 Realism everything has to be done to glorify average working people Mussolini facist Italy united Longest leader 1921 Franco facist Spain died in 1975 Events Franco Prussian War ends 1870 Paris surrounded by German army Manet s barricade Napoleon III runs away to England National Assembly surrendered to Germany Paris Commune Created to stand up against the national assembly Great Exhibition Crystal Palace Trail of Tears Cherokees travel to Oklahoma Women and children cry the whole trip Harlem Renaissance Jazz age Great Migration Jim Crow blacks move north Prohibition an age of no drinking Great Depression worldwide depression Weimar Republic Doomed from inception German army was never defeated Weimer officials signed Paris Opera Opera Garnier social meeting place box higher up opera reflected taste of time Visual audio Avant garde Before the watch challenges north Status culture politics and art Ballet Romantic and Classical Romantic sunlight moonlight long dresses Classical tutus Giverny Monet painted lily pads town outside France Crystal Palace Great Exhibition Places entertainment Terms Things Opera Operetta music Jockey Club came after 1st act Disruptive Leitmotif theme Gesamtkunstwerk German all aspects involved in opera Operetta genre of light opera National Assembly surrendered to Germany Impressionism short brush strokes En plein air painting outside Russian Realism

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FSU HUM 2250 - Final Exam Study Guide

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